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With the effects of climate change becoming more visible, we are committed to recognizing the impact of travel on the environment and supporting action. Our Planet Heart section includes a number of suggestions for what you can do to more responsibly enjoy your travels, while helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy theirs too.

However, some of this impact cannot be addressed with simple travel tips alone — that's why we – in partnership with CHOOOSE – are providing an easy way to measure and to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the travel products you book with us. Just enter your trip details into the carbon calculator, powered by CHOOOSE, below, and you'll be provided with an instant quotation for purchasing carbon offsets based on the emissions footprint of your trip. You can then decide if you wish to support these carbon offsetting projects or not. It doesn't cost much, but will make a meaningful impact. And you can be sure that when you support these climate projects on our site, will not keep any part of your contribution. For more information on how your contributions are managed by CHOOOSE, please view our FAQ.

What is carbon offsetting?

When you book with us, we'll provide you with a comparison of the carbon footprint for different travel options, estimated by CHOOOSE.

You can then use a carbon calculator, powered by CHOOOSE, to measure and offset the total CO2 emissions from your trip.

Your contribution goes directly towards certified climate projects around the world. For more information visit the FAQ section below.

Explore certified climate projects around the world

By purchasing carbon credits managed by CHOOOSE, you're supporting climate solutions that are removing or reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. You can find out more about the projects we've been selected via the map below.

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