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If Kids Designed Holidays

Holidays are an adventure. But for children, they really could mean anything – even riding turtles, skiing on chocolate mountains, or swimming with mermaids. 

These are the worlds imagined by the children of Ardleigh Green Junior School in Hornchurch, Essex. We’ve teamed up with the young holiday planners among the Year 5 pupils there to take their dream family holidays and visualise what they might look like. 

Using their drawings and some 3D modelling, these were some of the most exciting trips they came up with: 

Donut Hotel- Sophie H

A holiday for foodies with a sweet tooth everywhere, 10-year-old Sophie designed a holiday based entirely on her favourite treat – doughnuts, Sophie says: 

“My inspiration was donuts because I do love donuts, and I also thought it was good because I thought of making donuts underwater, and I think it would mix good. Thinking outside the box makes my holiday special.” 

Guests can hang out in the towering Donutel, enjoy a game of Fish Football, bungee jump from clouds, swim in a floating pool, sunbathe of floating donuts and take zip wires between the different buildings. And if you all of that works up your appetite, why not treat yourself to a donut from the shop or a meal at the cloud restaurant aptly-named “Fluffy Flavours”. 

 On her favourite part about her design, Sophie said; “I love how I had donuts but then another room with ladders climbing up to it.”

Pirate Beach- Daniel B

Daniel says: “My idea was from games and my talent. I think you might know what my talent might be if you look at my drawing closely. It’s drawing.” And he’s not wrong! Daniel’s big imagination led to adrenaline filled pirate island complete with fire-breathing dragons, incoming comets and pirates lurking.

In particular, Daniel was influenced by his favourite games:

“The games I have been thinking about were Zelda, Fortnite, and Sea of Thieves. Zelda was the ancient chest next to Raven that is most in shrines in the game. Next up, Fortnite. Now I know a lot of you know, and I mean a lot of you, must know Fortnite. My favourite is probably Raven, and that’s why he’s in my picture. But nowadays I don’t play Fortnite anymore. Last but not least, Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is one of my favourite games that I’ve played. At the back was one pirate ship in Sea of Thieves that I’ve used.” 

For those looking to relax on his island, Daniel included some more chilled out activities, such as building sandcastles or taking some time out to draw. Of his favourite parts about the holiday, Daniel said;

“The special thing about my holiday was my drawing pad, because my talent is drawing, and I did my best work on it. I also did my best work on the little boat because ancient boats are very cool.”

Paradise Hotel - Poppy J  

Poppy says: “My inspiration for my holiday was my big passion for swimming, and when I’m older I would love to swim a 400m front crawl at the Olympics.” 

 As you might have noticed from the image, Poppy’s a young environmental activist, looking to help make her mark on our oceans. Poppy stated:

“The thing that makes my holiday special is that it is giving an important message to dumping rubbish and plastic into the oceans as it is killing wildlife in there, and it needs to stop. So I created a holiday based on the situation, and hopefully one day all creatures in the sea won’t be poisoned by plastic and rubbish.” 

 And when you’re not helping to save our oceans, there are lots of fun activities to do in your downtime too. When you’re not chilling in the castle hotel, or enjoying a floating fruit snack, Poppy suggests some fun facts about Paradise Hotel:

“Riding a turtle is a quicker way of transport around Paradise Hotel. When you check-in at the reception at Paradise Hotel, you eat a special sweet and it turns you into a mermaid or a merman. Finally, the currency is clams (which is pounds) and pearls (which is pence).

While we’ve visualised what these ideas would look like in 3D, you can also see all of the kids' ideas in the gallery below – including rainbow mountains, pizza hotels, and pink lemonade raindrops.