The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Ibiza

On an island famous for world-class clubbing in the south, hedonistic luxury retreats in the north, and general debauchery by way of ‘Brits Abroad’, the food in Ibiza might not be the first thing you think of when planning a Balearic break.

But you’d do well to leave that misconception at the door, because there’s plenty of great food to be had here. An island filled with flavours, Ibiza’s restaurants serve up everything from Italian and Japanese dishes to North African and Argentine cuisine, while traditional Balearic cooking has its own exotic character which gives it an identity distinct from the rest of Spain. Need to know more? Have a look at our video guide and discover some of our favourite places to eat in Ibiza. 

Read on to learn more about a few of the best restaurants in Ibiza to suit every budget.  

Cheap Eats

Don’t worry – we’re not about to list a load of kebab shops. If you’re staying at Mikasa Boutique Hotel you’re in luck, because this subtle-yet-sophisticated hotel serves up food just as good as the views. Even if you’re just visiting, you can still join guests here for an all-day brunch, just in case you need your avocado fix. 

If you want to eat like a local, head to Comidas Bar San Juan in Ibiza Town for laid-back, no-frills Spanish fare at a very reasonable price. You can’t go wrong. And you also can’t go wrong at nearby El Pirata (for pizza with a view) or Los Pasajeros (for lovingly made home-cooked food.) 

If you’re still looking for more Spanish specialities, head to bohemian hangout S'Escalinata for cocktails and light bites in a remarkably easy-going environment. And if you want something completely different, but still a major part of Ibiza’s culinary landscape, then head to Sushiya Aoyama for quality sushi that won’t break the bank – almost unheard of on the island, where sushi can often be found only at astronomical prices.

Blowout Meals

If you subscribe to the ‘you get what you pay for’ school of thought, and are happy to pay premium prices, worry not, because there are plenty of high-end restaurants on Ibiza to whet your appetite. Eat somewhere truly special when you take a trip out into the countryside for a taste of ‘MediterrAsian’ cuisine courtesy of Bambuddha. This temple of fusion cooking will transport you to Bali, thanks to a leafy and secluded open-air dining area where guests can tuck into exquisite sushi and sashimi – with a Spanish touch – under a moonlit sky. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever have experienced before. 

For more sushi fusion – clearly a big deal on Ibiza – you can always head to La Gaia for dishes that marry Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients, or Izakaya for more Japanese cuisine with a South American twist. 

If you fancy something a little closer to the beach, with deeply satisfying food and views to match, then head for Café del Mar for sunset dining and a chilled soundtrack. Not planning on hitting the Sant Antoni clubs? Then head to the very aptly named Beachouse, a super-chic beachfront restaurant a little under 4km from Ibiza Town, or Amante in Cala Llonga – a glamorous and romantic cliffside joint with stunning views of the Med. Stick around for their movie nights, DJs and dancing until late. 

Think world-class steak and cities like New York and Buenos Aires are two names that might immediately come to mind. But don’t underestimate the Spanish, who enjoy a great steak culture themselves. In Ibiza, the only place to go is the Montauk Steakhouse, which aspires to become the best steakhouse in Spain, and can’t be far off owning that title already.

Somewhere in the middle

Of course, you can’t break the bank with every meal, and there are a more than a few Ibiza restaurants which hit that sweet spot between cheap-and-cheerful and splash-the-cash.

If you can’t make it to Montauk Steakhouse, you can’t go wrong with Ca’n Pilot. Order the chuletón and you’ll find yourself presented with your own personal grill and a massive T-bone steak for two – or just for yourself if you’re a particularly dedicated carnivore. 

For those of who you don’t fancy a massive T-bone steak, or indeed any meat at all, you might find yourself a little short on veggie options in Ibiza. But worry not, because many of the plant-powered eateries on the island are really exceptional. The gold standard is the stylish Wild Beets – home to creative, generously sized vegan dishes, and superfood smoothies for anyone in need of a detox. Giri Café is similarly chic, effortlessly blending bold design with sustainable vegan-friendly food, and occupies an especially beautiful corner of the island.

If you like your dinner with a view, you could check out The Beach in Sant Antoni – a great spot for a relaxed lunch set against a stunning backdrop – or The View offering, as the name suggests, a particularly picturesque dinner (or breakfast) surrounded by the ocean.

Whether you’re at home or on holiday, and try as you might, it’s tough to resist the lure of Italian food. In 2018, New York institution il Buco opened its first overseas outpost in charming Santa Gertrudis – Ibiza’s culinary capital. All at once a café, restaurant and wine shop, the rustic Bottega il Buco is the place to go when you find yourself experiencing those pasta cravings.

From divine Italian dishes to Japanese fusion cooking, the sheer amount of food options on Ibiza can often feel overwhelming – but hopefully this guide has at least helped to narrow down your options. If you want more from your trip to Ibiza than just food (understandable), then have a look at our video guides to the islands best beaches, boat trips and yoga hotspots.

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