The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Canary Islands

If you’re looking for sun, sea and relaxation, holidays to the Canary Islands are a no-brainer. The subtropical climate means beautifully hot summers and delightfully warm winters, making this a great year-round destination. And with over 500 beaches across all the islands, you’re spoiled for choice.

As well as being a paradise for sunbathers, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy across the Canary Islands, from whale watching to surfing to stargazing. If you’re a hiker, the natural landscapes will take your breath away – stunning caves, dunes and volcanoes are sprinkled across the islands. Foodies will also love it here – the Canarian food scene is booming and in Tenerife alone you’ll find six Michelin stars. Let's not forget the wine as well - there are over 200 vineyards producing mouth-watering, award-winning wine. 

The Canaries really do make the perfect getaway, now the only question is where will you go? Whether you're drawn to the vibrant landscapes and bustling resorts of Tenerife holidays, the diverse terrains and cultural richness of Gran Canaria holidays, or the unique volcanic beauty and tranquil beaches of Lanzarote holidays, each destination offers its own unique slice of paradise.

The best of the Canary Islands

10 things you have to see in the Canary Islands

Not sure where to start? Here are our top 10 things to see in the Canary Islands.

Which Canary Island is right for you?

With 7 main islands to choose from, where will you go? Find the island for you with our roundup.

The Canary Islands sound awesome, right? Check out these deals


Things to do in Tenerife

From whale watching to climbing Mount Teide, there are plenty of things to do on this beautiful island. Here are 10 things that can't be missed. 

Tenerife beach guide: The best beaches in Tenerife

Whether you're after black sand or golden sand, watersports or complete isolation, Tenerife has a beach for you.

A guide to sports in Tenerife

Fancy yourself a sports buff? From surfing to cycling, diving to golfing, Tenerife really does have it all. 

The essential guide to Teide Mountain National Park 

Mount Teide is one of Tenerife's most impressive attractions - here's everything you need to know before your visit. 

A guide to Puerto de la Cruz and Lago Martinez

Here's a rundown of what to see in the historic coastal town of Puerto de la Cruz and Lago Martiánez - a leisure park like no other!

Tenerife’s finest: 5 of the best areas to stay

Not sure where to stay on the island? Here's a rundown of our 5 favourite spots.

Gran Canaria

Top 10: The most beautiful Gran Canaria beaches

Looking for seaside fun? You're in the right place. Gran Canaria is home to some gorgeous beaches.

Gran Canaria: Las Palmas

The capital city of Gran Canaria has it all - history, architecture, entertainment, shopping and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Gran Canaria: 6 things you can’t miss

A trip to Gran Canaria is incomplete without these sights and activities. Be sure to add them to your list!

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7 of the best things to do in Lanzarote  

Check out our favourite things to do in Lanzarote. With beaches, caves, volcanos and gardens, you really are spoiled for choice on this island! 

Best beaches in Lanzarote

With over 200km of coastline, Lanzarote boasts some beautiful beaches. Check out our favourites.

Timanfaya National Park guide

Want to feel like you're walking on the moon? Head to Timanfaya National Park for a must-see volcanic landscape. 

Treasures of Lanzarote: the creations of César Manrique

The work of Manrique be spotted throughout Lanzarote - the island wouldn't be the same without his creative influence. 

Lanzarote water sports

If you feel most at home in the sea, Lanzarote might just be the place for you. This is the place for sailing, kayaking, surfing and snorkelling.

5 of the best areas to stay in Lanzarote

Whether you're looking to stay in a vibrant atmosphere or a relaxed one, there are plenty of options for every kind of traveller. 


Top 10: The most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura

Beach bums, look no further. Fuerteventura has the beaches you've been dreaming about. 

5 of the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura

Here are five of our favourite places to stay in Fuerteventura, each one promising charm.

The best of Fuerteventura: 8 things to see and do

Looking for ideas for your Fuerteventura getaway? Check out these must-see attractions.

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Planning your trip

When to go to the Canary Islands

The Canaries are great to visit all year round (thanks to the fabulous weather!) but some events and festivities make the trip even more exciting.

Learn Spanish: Essential phrases for your Canary Islands getaway

Impress the locals by learning the lingo. These basic words and phrases will take you far!

Buses, Cars and Cabs: Getting around the Canary Islands

From buses to cars to scooters, there are many ways of getting around the Canary Islands. Find out everything you need to know here.

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