Only In Japan: The Weird, Wacky And Wonderful Sights

Japan's distinct culture is fascinating to outsiders and makes any visit there a visual treat. Here are a few of the things I spotted on my Japanese travels, which show why this wonderful country offers such an eye-opening experience. As they say; only in Japan!

Curious cuisine

This seven-floored restaurant in Osaka only sells crab meat. The crab's legs even move.

Crab restaurant in Osaka

Wagyu Beef at a restaurant called Hafuu Honten in Kyoto. Mind-blowingly good.

Hafuu Honten's Wagyu beef

Poor little tuna

Tuna fish

The neon madness that is eating at the Robot restaurant in Tokyo

Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant

Best wedding cake ever found in Hiroshima

Japanese wedding cake

Animal action

The biggest owl in the world, the Eagle Owl, at the Owl Cafe in Osaka

Eagle Owl

Three cheeky monkeys caught in the rain in Iwatayama, Kyoto

Arashiyama monkey park

The rather creepy entrance to a cat cafe

cat cafe in Japan

Japan's favourite feline; never-ending Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty merchandise

Quirky couture

Amazingly this was not in a fancy dress shop; Tokyo fashion

Tokyo fashion

More crazy outfits in Tokyo

Tokyo shopping

Locals looking lovely in their traditional kimonos. All dressed up for the Buddhist Obon Festival in Kyoto

Kimono-clad locals

Japanese charms and gifts

I never did find out what these mean; if anyone knows please get in touch.

Japanese gifts

Japanese lucky charms. These ones are unisex apparently

Japanese lucky charms

Sumo is taken seriously here

Illuminating Japan

The Temple of 10,000 lanterns in Kyoto

Never-ending neon in Osaka


A place to sleep

I'm sure I asked for twin beds in my temple room in Koyasan

twin "beds"

And finally

Have you got any strange pictures from Tokyo or do you have some wacky tales to tell from your trip to Japan? I would love to hear all about them so either leave a comment below or tweet me your images @SpontaneityJ. Getting there: Flights to JapanHotels in JapanJapan holidays

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