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While some say it's better the devil you know, that certainly isn't the case when it comes to holidays. There's nothing more exciting than experiencing somewhere new for the first time, but that doesn't mean you can't take inspiration from places you've been before. If you loved the hustle and bustle of New York, why not compare it with Seoul? Swap dollar pizza slices for kimchi, but keep the vibrant nightlife. Or if beaches are more your thing, but you've had your fill of beer in Spain, tequila in Mexico might be your next venture. We've paired cities with a similar vibe, so you can be sure that even in somewhere new, you're going to find the things you love.

1. If you loved Venice for its canals, try Aveiro, Portugal

Venice is known the world over for its iconic canals and winding streets, full of photo opportunities and quaint buildings. Aveiro in Portugal is similarly built around a maze of canals, with the same gondola-style boats (known as moliceiros) offering tours of the city. As in Venice, there are art museums, churches, and nearby beaches. It's bright and colourful with lots of gorgeous art deco architecture and canal-side eateries.

Distance from Venice to Aveiro:
1,384.4 miles

2. If you loved Le Marais in Paris for its Jewish Quarter, try El Call in Girona, Spain

Le Marais is a popular district in Paris, which used to be known as the Jewish Quarter. It has a village feel but still has the traditional culture and buildings Paris is known for, with grand arcades and stylish boutiques, and the history of the district can be seen in the many kosher restaurants and bakeries. The architecture is much older in Girona, but the pretty, stone streets are similar. There are nods to Jewish history around the area, such as a museum that houses Jewish artefacts in an old synagogue.

Distance from Le Marais to El Call:
583.9 miles

3. If you loved New York for its architecture, try Seoul, South Korea

If big, exciting, cosmopolitan cities are your jam, you've probably already taken a trip to New York. No visit is complete without a trip to the top of the Art Deco Empire State Building for panoramic views of the city, or the mammoth old-meets-new Metropolitan Museum of Art. Seoul has a similar feel with dozens of huge skyscrapers such as the 123-story high Lotte World Tower and the 236 metre-high N Seoul Tower. It's not all contemporary glass and metal though, as nestled next to the modern mega-towers there are ancient wooden buildings like the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Seoul has the same buzzing atmosphere as New York too, with the city's fashion, music, and food scenes making it an up-and-coming destination.

Distance from New York to Seoul:
6,863 miles

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4. If you loved Budapest for its thermal baths, try Pamukkale, Turkey

Budapest has been nicknamed the 'city of spas', as the multiple thermal baths in the region have been drawing tourists for thousands of years. The main baths in the city are open to tourists throughout the year, and the natural outdoor baths offer great views of the city while the man-made indoor ones offer pampering spa packages. If you're in the mood for an ultra-relaxing holiday, why not try Pamukkale in Turkey? It's a much more peaceful, quieter place than Budapest, but it has the same warm pools that help to soothe aching muscles. They're natural outdoor pools that look out onto the mountains and are filled with ice-blue water.

Distance from Budapest to Pamukkale:
1,182.4 miles

5. If you loved Notting Hill in London for its colour, try Colmar, France

Notting Hill has to be one of the prettiest areas in London. Many of the houses in the area are painted in cute pastel colours, and there are regular flower markets with bright blooms lining the streets. Many people come to Notting Hill for the food too, as there are charming cafes on every corner that are ideal for al fresco dining and people watching. Colmar, in north-eastern France, is probably even more colourful than Notting Hill. Its half-timbered houses look like something from a fairytale, painted in vivid yellow, pink, orange and blue. It's another great spot for eating outside, with restaurants lining the canal or benches for a perfect picnic among the flowers.

Distance from Notting Hill to Colmar:
542.7 miles

6. If you loved Ibiza for its Instagrammable beaches, try Tulum, Mexico

Ibiza is the party capital of Spain, with a buzzing atmosphere and dozens of mega-nightclubs. It has the best of both worlds with busy bars and beach parties, as well as a more laid-back old quarter with a distinctly hippy vibe and lots of white sandy beaches that have picture-perfect sunsets. Tulum is another city of two halves. There are clubs and bars open 'till the early hours and party resort hotels, but there's a more sedate side with quiet beaches and nature reserves. You can explore the history of the area with a trip to see some ancient Mayan ruins and snap a selfie by the astonishingly blue sea.

Distance from Ibiza to Tulum:
5,293 miles

7. If you loved Amsterdam, for its bike-friendly culture, try Ghent, Belgium

Cycling in Amsterdam has to be the best way to see the city. There are around 320 miles of dedicated bike paths, so riding a bike feels safe and protected from traffic, and it's easy and cheap to rent either a regular bike or an electric bike for the day. Ghent is another hit with cyclists, with a huge cycling culture and many races and events throughout the year. Visit in the Spring for some of the most popular races, as well as great weather. You can take guided bike tours to visit street markets, parks, and the city's most famous buildings, as well as stops for lunch and coffee, or cycle solo along the canal.

Distance from Amsterdam to Ghent:
137.3 miles

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