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Immerse yourself in the warm, hospitable charm of Tanga, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Tanzania, by checking into one of the Hotels in the city. Experience unparalleled comfort and authentic Tanzanian culture in one of these well-reviewed establishments with stunning views of the azure Indian Ocean, lush mountain landscapes and the historic city center. Tanga has something fascinating for everyone, from the adventurous tourist drawn to exploring the Amboni Caves to the history enthusiast captivated by Toten Island's ancient ruins. Dive into the deep blue waters from the beaches of Pangani, or savor the tucked-away tranquility of Tanga's various coffee plantations. Indulge in a gastronomic extravaganza at local eateries that serve local and international cuisine alike. Immerse in the city's vibrant nightlife or relax amidst the serene natural beauty of Raskazone Swimming Pool. Lure your senses into the city's bustling marketplaces ripe with local arts, crafts, fabrics, and indigenous spices. Step into Tanga, envelop yourself with the city's inviting heart, and meet its people -- the true keepers of Tanga's vibrant spirit.

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Tanga, Tanzania
Cozy Master bedroom with Free Wi-Fi in Tanga
Tanga, Tanzania
Margareth's Home Stay Free Wi-Fi and Tv
Tanga, Tanzania
Tanga Beach Resort & Spa
Tanga, Tanzania
Mount Usambara Hotel
Tanga, Tanzania
CBA Hotel
Tanga, Tanzania
Panori Hotel
Tanga, Tanzania
Nyumbani Hotels & Resorts
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