Sealight Resort Hotel

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Yavansu Mh. Cennet Evleri No:46 Kusadası, Turkey

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Facilities and services include wireless Internet access in the lobby, 24 hour reception, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, indoor kids pool, water slides, elevator, mini club, fitness center, room service (extra charge), laundry service (extra charge), meeting room, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna and massage service (extra charge).

Rooms feature air conditioning, T.V, telephone (extra charge), coffee and tea maker, mini bar (extra charge), safe, balcony or terrace, hairdryer and bathroom.

Suites also feature living area and Jacuzzi.

Please note that some of the above facilities may be closed due to weather / seasonal conditions.

In case of choosing the option of "all inclusive":

The All Inclusive-concept includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and mealtime drinks such as soft drinks, beer, wine, water and alcoholic drinks, all of local brands.

Drinks are served from morning until late evening (approx until 22.-24.00 hrs).

Opening times vary between different hotels.

In certain hotels the activities program is also included.

Address: Boyalik mevkii, kadinlar denizi, Kusadasi- Ayd, 09400 Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey.


Thu 4 Apr
Thu 11 Apr
Travellers / Rooms
2 travellers, 1 room
Room 1
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Thu 4 Apr
Thu 11 Apr
April 2024
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Thu, 4 Apr - Thu, 11 Apr
2 travellers, 1 room

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Frequently asked questions about Sealight Resort Hotel

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in: Thu 4 Apr
Check-out: Thu 11 Apr

How far is the accommodation from the airport?

This accommodation is 31.53mi from Izmir Adnan Menderes International airport.

Can I bring my pet with me to this accommodation?

No, this accommodation does not allow pets.

What is the accommodation's cancellation policy?

The policy may depend on room type. Please check your choice's terms.

Any further questions about this accommodation, or a booking with us?

You can contact us via the Need help? section.