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When you feel the need for a bit more sunshine, and a bit more warmth, and the sound of the sea lapping at a beach, there are a lot of decisions to make. Mostly how much sun cream to take and which books to bring, because Tunis is definitely the answer to ‘where to go?’ With lastminute.com searching for the best deals to provide you with some really great cheap holidays to Tunis, all you really have to do is work out whether you really will read that Dickens this year!

Cheap hotels in Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia
Novotel Tunis
7 nights from
Tunis, Tunisia
Hôtel Belvédère Fourati
3 nights from
Tunis, Tunisia
The Penthouse Suites Hotel
3 nights from
Tunis, Tunisia
Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa
3 nights from
Tunis, Tunisia
Campanile El Mechtel
3 nights from
Tunis, Tunisia
Golden Tulip Mechtel
3 nights from
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FAQs about hotels in Tunis

What is the cheapest price for a hotel in Tunis?


The cheapest price for a double room in Tunis is £31, offered by Dar Ya - Hostel.

What hotels are in the central Tunis neighborhood?