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Hotels near Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus features one of the most iconic images of London, the stretch of lit-up adverts at One Piccadilly. Visitors from all over the globe flock to the bright lights – but did you know the lights have been up since Edwardian times? The Perrier sign was first illuminated back in 1908.

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel near Piccadilly Circus, then you should definitely make time to grab a few photos in front of the famous lights. It’s an elite crowd, with 50 famous brands appearing regularly over the last hundred years with Coca-Cola have been advertising consistently on the Piccadilly Circus lights since 1955, making them the longest-standing advertiser.

The Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus is another famous feature. Sitting between the hotels and theatres,  the Eros statue is also known as The Shaftsbury Monument after Lord Shaftesbury. It once pointed down Shaftesbury Avenue, but now leads to Regents Street.

Ask any Londoner and they’ll tell you that the Eros Status is actually not Eros, the Greek God of Love, but the Angel of Christian Charity.

If you’d like to stay in a hotel near Piccadilly Circus we’d recommend checking out one of the great hotels on Shaftesbury Avenue, or for fans of art and music, a hotel in Soho, which sits directly behind Piccadilly Circus. Don't forget that we also have plenty of cheap hotels near Piccadilly Circus if you're travelling on a budget.

Wherever you pick for a hotel, Piccadilly Circus is a great stop for any trip to London.