Chessington World of Adventures

Hotels near Chessington World of Adventures

Originally a zoo when it opened in 1931, Chessington later expanded and, in 1987, a theme park was unveiled and was the first themed amusement park in the UK. At we have a wide choice of hotels near Chessington World of Adventures. Book now and let the adventure begin.

Chessington Theme park

Chessington World of Adventures offers a wide variety of rides that propel you round and round, from side to side, up and down, through the treetops and headlong through water. You'll also enjoy classic rides such as the carousel and bumper cars that resemble rickshaws. Once at the pinnacle of Peeking Heights, the park's observational wheel, you'll have terrific views across London. Go on your own little adventure as you traverse rope walkways to a fantasy tree house in Canopy Capers. Or join a safari where you'll be driven to meet some majestic African animals such as zebras, giraffes and rhinos.

Chessington Zoo

The zoo remains an integral part of the Chessington experience and you'll have the opportunity to see over 1,000 animals from all over the world, including monkeys and gorillas, tigers and lions. Kids will love the chance to interact with the animals during special events. And they're not the only beasts to appreciate – there are slippery boa constrictors, exotic frogs and creepy crawlies such as tarantulas and leaf-cutter ants and a host of other critters.

Sea Life centre

Ocean-dwelling creatures get a look in too and you'll be able to observe them in a variety of environments. Discover which creatures inhabit the interactive rock pools and get a unique perspective from within a walk-through ocean tunnel. See catsharks and crabs from the Caribbean, as well as slipper lobsters, jellyfish, manta rays and piranhas. Watch seahorses gently bobbing about and see if you can spot the almost imperceptible movements of the starfish.

Eating and drinking near Chessington World of Adventures             

Enjoy your start to the day at Unique Fish and Grill where you can partake of a coffee, tea or fruit juice and a filling breakfast. For lunch you might snack on haddock or chips or perhaps sea bass and spicy salsa or pan-fried swordfish. Home-cooked food is the order of the day at Sedum which is ideal for coffee and a cake, pizza or a filled panini. Daruchini offers tasty Indian cuisine in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Chessington World of Adventures has several eateries where you can munch on fish and chips, fried chicken, a range of sandwiches, burgers and much more.

Shopping near Chessington World of Adventures

The town of Chessington has a few shops for essentials, including Boots. The Ashley Centre at nearby Epsom has a wide selection of high street stores, cafés and restaurants. Chessington World of Adventures itself has a range of shops selling sweets, gifts and souvenirs.