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Immerse yourself in the plush charm of the Hotels in the quaint village of Straffan, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Ireland's verdant landscapes. Be it an intimate countryside escape or a family vacation, Straffan's renowned hospitality will make you feel right at home. These hotels are more than just a sanctuary of comfort—they are a launchpad to experiencing Straffan’s wealth of attractions. Delight in the challenge of golf on world-class courses, experience the adrenaline rush of horse racing at a premier Irish racecourse or sip an aromatic brew in Straffan’s age-old tea rooms. Unearth the secrets of the Celts at a historic round tower, wander through lush gardens, and let your senses be captivated by breathtakingly beautiful nature walks - there is something for every kind of wanderlust here. As night falls, soak up the local culture with traditional music performances at the village pubs. The Hotels in Straffan ensure you savour the essence of this picturesque Irish village, and infuse each moment with luxury and comfort. Enter a world where modern amenities blend seamlessly with timeless Irish charm and make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Straffan, Ireland

Barberstown Castle

Straffan, Ireland

The K Club

Straffan, Ireland


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