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Dive into the heart of Ireland's lush greenery and historical treasures with a stay in Roscrea, a charming town built on the fringes of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Commanding the attention of all who visit, Roscrea boasts a vast selection of hotels that serve as idyllic retreats complementing the community's picturesque landscapes. Renowned for its intricate weaving of antiquity and modernity, visitors delight in the town's ancient monastic sites, striking Norman castle, and unique Fancroft Mill, with accommodation options complementing each adventure. Whether you are here for serenity by the Roscrea Golf Club, a cultural dive into the Roscrea Heritage Centre, or an exploration of the legendary Leap Castle, you're ensured a luxurious rest in our top hotel picks. For gastronomy lovers, the local cuisine offers a plethora of delectable options, perfectly rounded off by the relaxing ambiance of comfortable, top rated hotels. From charm-filled boutique hotels to family-friendly resorts and sophisticated luxury stays, we help you uncover the hidden gems of Roscrea's hospitality. Roam around the vibrant shopping streets, connecting with the warm local charm during the day, and surrender to the comfort of opulent accommodations to recharge for another unforgettable day. Our hotel guide in Roscrea is your ticket to embracing the magic and allure of one of Ireland's most captivating towns, making your stay nothing short of extraordinary.

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Roscrea, Ireland

Hopesgate Cottage - Roscrea

Roscrea, Ireland

Racket Hall Country House

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