Best yoga holidays to improve your wellbeing

Calling all passionate yogis! Are you well overdue a yoga holiday? Feel inspired by these yoga destinations, which promise a chance to refresh, rejuvenate, and take away all your stress and anxiety. Whether you have perfected a headstand or you're still working on mastering your downward dog, here is something for every yoga lover. 

The best yoga destinations around the world

These yoga holiday destinations will allow you to experience meditation, relaxation, and exercise to kick start your mind and body.


It is impossible to talk about top yoga retreat destinations without discussing yoga's birthplace, India. If you want to learn sophisticated yogi techniques from eminent masters, then this is your place. Traditional yoga is seen as an integral part of Hinduism, so in India you are guaranteed more ancient and immersive yoga retreats to deepen and expand your practices. Indulge in yoga sessions under the trees, along the river banks, or on the beach, and explore the most beautiful locations India has to offer.

Don't miss...
Kerala, Goa, Mysore, Rishikesh


When it comes to yoga retreats, Bali is like nowhere else. As a predominantly Hindu territory, Bali has an inherently spiritual culture, and the yoga sessions here will take you into a profound new state of mind. The magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, and sandy beaches make it the most popular yoga destination. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned yogi, you will find various training instructors here to match your level. Yogi classes are offered in multiple styles, including Iyengar yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga, and Zen Buddhist meditation. 

Don't miss...
Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak


If you are planning to go on a yoga retreat, there is nowhere more perfect than Thailand, a relaxing and spiritual country with beautiful landscapes forming a mesmerising backdrop to your yoga journey. There are several yoga spots throughout the country. The magical mountains, white-sand beaches, lush jungles, clear blue water, and laid back pace of life makes Thailand highly conducive for yoga. The climate is also great for yoga, as the warm and humid environment will help you stretch more deeply to enhance your yoga practice. Thailand's wellness retreats are supported by the mindful culture and inclusive community, creating a lovely space for finding peace and inner balance.

Don't miss...
Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream destination for any yoga enthusiast. Gratitude, positivity, and a pleasant atmosphere prevail everywhere, making it an ideal place to seek healing and to centre yourself. The inspiring mountain views, the array of delicious local fruits and vegetables, the incredible nature, and the coastal and jungle experiences make Costa Rica a popular spot for yoga retreats. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the jungle and a vibrant green environment that lets you soak up the goodness... there is no better way to enjoy the country's beauty than on a rejuvenating yoga retreat.

Don't miss...
Tamarindo, Santa Cruz, Nosara, Santa Teresa


Located on the shores of the Atlantic coast, Portugal has numerous beaches and tranquil landscapes, creating an ideal setting for deep meditation. Portugal is a brilliant place for a yoga and wellness retreat – here, the vibe is so relaxing and so powerful, with the warm weather and the golden shorelines, that you'll never want to leave. Yoga is very trendy in Portugal, so even in the smallest town you are bound to find a yoga studio that can teach you something new and improve your wellbeing.

Don't miss...
Lisbon, Cascais, Algarve, Ericeira


The United States is the place where modern yoga evolved and is a great place for finding all sorts of excellent yoga retreats, from detox to meditation, and even combined yoga and surf retreats by the coast! The USA has many breathtaking contrasting landscapes: you could find yourself on a beautiful mountain, on the beach, deep in a forest, on a classic ranch... whether you are hoping for a peaceful getaway to practice yoga, or a meditation retreat to connect with nature, the USA can give you what you're looking for. Many yoga retreats in the states are dedicated to connecting with their natural environments, fostering a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. 

Don't miss...
Florida, California, New York, Hawaii


Morocco offers plenty of surfing sites, impressive food, and beautiful landscapes, which creates a perfect environment for yoga sessions. There is just something about Morocco which brings overwhelming peace and solitude that guides you to self-reflection. The blend of beautiful sights, exotic cuisine, influential culture, and epic history makes Morocco the best place for spiritual reawakening. Here you will be surrounded by an impressive array of gorgeous scents, due to the country's penchant for perfumes, floral oils, and spices. Some of these scents are used in yoga sessions around Morocco for aromatherapy, which creates a relaxing effect. Head for sunny Morocco and indulge in the beautiful beachside yoga retreats. 

Don't miss...
Tamraght, Fez, Marrakech, Taghazout, Casablanca

Sri Lanka

Yoga in Sri Lanka is something you shouldn't miss: the green wilderness, scenic beach views, rich history and ancient sites will amplify the entire yoga experience. Surfing and yoga together create an exhilarating experience: if you have never tried surfing and you want to learn, then Sri Lanka is the best place. It is also the ideal location to find focus, due to the peaceful white beaches, deep rainforests, impressive Buddhist temples, and vast plains. What could be better for calming the soul than having a yoga session with a cool ocean breeze while surrounded by Mother Nature?

Don't miss...
Colombo, Ulpotha

Places that inspire yoga

Outdoor yoga classes intensify the experience as you feel at one with nature, humanity, and the universe. The following are several places that inspire yoga sessions.

Yoga by the sea

Taking yoga sessions at the beach will help ease any stresses you've been carrying and will lift all spirits. Take a deep breath of fresh ocean air to clear your mind. At the beach, you experience more than just a posture and muscle workout: you will gain a new level of stability from taking yoga classes on the sand. Additionally, the sounds of the waves naturally drive you into a meditative mood, especially at sunrise or sunset, which promotes a mindful state and brings a sense of peace. The sunshine also has the added benefit of giving you a dose of vitamin D!

Don't miss...
Mallorca, Sardinia

Yoga within nature

Spending time in Mother Nature has intense effects on our physical and mental wellbeing, and taking yoga sessions in the beautiful environment intensifies the experience. The natural world can really inspire you during a workout. Some yoga poses gained their names from animals and plants, and nature yoga encourages you to gain a new understanding of the pose and of your place in nature. Listen to birds chirping and the wind whistling through the trees while your eyes enjoy the natural colours: in connecting with your natural surroundings, you'll connect with the present without distractions.

Don't miss...
Costa Rica, Sri Lanka

Yoga with a view

If you are looking for a tranquil setting for a re-energising yoga retreat, consider a mountain escape. With a combination of hiking and yoga, you will be fully immersed in the landscape. The refreshing waterfalls, shady edges of the forests, sunny mountain peaks, and green meadows will inspire your yoga practice – the exceptional sceneries give you a chance to reconnect to yourself and to nature, bringing a sense of calmness you can take into your daily life. The mountain altitudes allow your body and brain to be more oxygenated, which stimulates your cardiovascular system to increase energy flow into the body.

Don't miss...
The Yogafruhling Gastein event, running from May to June. (The beautiful Gastein Valley is a fantastic location for yoga)

Yoga in the city

You can escape your busy lifestyle but keep modern amenities when embarking on yoga sessions in the city. Check out the yoga studios on the rooftops of historical buildings! Let the yoga practice and the amazing views give you a different perspective on the city. Visit the city parks for further yoga sessions: enjoy the fresh air, the soft touch of grass, and full energetic relaxation. Ground yourself: the process releases blockages, opens your mind for self-awareness, and allows you to be more present as you go on to explore the city. Many cities will have some of the best yoga teachers available, so you'll get a truly fulfilling experience.

Don't miss...
Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Marrakech

A different type of yoga

Sometimes the best way to do yoga is in a way you never expected. The new and unusual environments will spark something new in your practice. You'll be getting more in touch with your body and your mind, and you can be satisfied knowing you have tried something new.

Goat yoga

In these yoga sessions, goats may climb on your back, make noise in your ears, or snuggle around your mat. Goat yoga is the ultimate way to put a smile on your face - connection with animals releases the oxytocin hormone, which relieves stress and is associated with a feeling of happiness.

Nude yoga

This allows you to let loose and encourages body positivity. The yoga practice reminds you to be comfortable in your skin and boosts gratitude for the power of your body.

Beer yoga

These sessions pair yoga with alcoholic treats, allowing yogis and beer fans to mix their hobbies. In London, you can also find disco yoga – perfect for people who want fun and uplifting yoga sessions.

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga

This is a great way to correct your posture mistakes in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Relaxation is a journey

Yoga at the airport

Don't wait until you reach your destination to reconnect with yourself: start your journey with some yoga at the airport! Stretch your limbs, relax your nerves, and remind yourself that travelling isn't supposed to be an uncomfortable experience. Take time before, after, or between flights to have a meditation session, making your travel experience less stressful and more fun. What else is all that waiting time at the airport for? With wellness holidays flourishing, airports are catching up with the trend and are providing meditation spaces and quiet areas where you can dedicate yourself to yoga before flying. If you are a frequent traveller, you understand that delayed flights can lead to high-stress levels; knowing that there is a yoga room in the airport can help you feel better. If you are flying in or out of the following airports, take your time and enjoy restorative yoga.

Heathrow Airport (London), Helsinki-Vaanta Airport (Finland), San Francisco International Airport, (California), Dallas Fort Worth Airport (Texas), Chicago O'Hare Airport (Illinois), Frankfurt Airport (Germany)

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