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Holidays to Caniçal

Caniçal, a gem on the southern coast of Madeira, beckons tourists with its serene ocean views and breath-taking mountain landscapes. The breadth of the adventure to be discovered here is diverse and unrivaled; whether you're seeking history or escapism, it is a dream vacation. Exploring the traditional fishing village gives an insider view to the authentic local life and the native cuisine of this stunning Portuguese hamlet is something not to be missed. For history enthusiasts, the Whaling Museum is a must-visit; it provides a deep dive into the local whaling industry's past. Nature lovers can revel in the abundant marine life by going on a whale watching tour or visit the neighbouring Ponta de São Lourenço nature reserve for gorgeous trail hikes. Perfect for families or couples, adventure seekers or foodies, Caniçal offers an experience tailored to suit every type of traveler. As the sunsets on a thrilling day, walk along the beach and let the cooling sea breeze calm your senses. Discover the joy of holidays in Caniçal, a place that captures the heart and imagination of every visitor.

Euro (€)
3h 50m (from London)
FNC, 3.7 mi
Madeira Airport

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