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Malaysia Holidays


Malaysia Holidays

Discover Asia’s hidden gem on a holiday to Malaysia

Immerse yourself in a fantastic multi-cultured, vibrant country and taste some of the best cuisines the world has to offer by booking a holiday to Malaysia. Surrounded by an array of Asian Islands, this beautiful country is a great place to stop off if you’re travelling the world, as you do! A holiday to Malaysia is an equally brilliant place to go with the whole family, whether you want a luxurious getaway surrounded by white sands or an activity packed holiday, you’ll find it in Malaysia.

Which side of Malaysia will you choose to explore?

Experience multiple holidays in one when you jet off to Malaysia, divided by the South China Sea, this fascinating country has so much to offer holiday makers and travellers alike. A holiday to Malaysia enables you to trek through a rainforest, relax on a white powdery beach and stay on top of a mountain if you so wish, there are so many amazing landscapes and activities available to anyone wanting to explore this beautiful country.

From the hustle and bustle of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, to the serene and naturally beautiful Maliau Basin in Sabah there truly is something to satisfy every different taste. Whether you’re after a super relaxing holiday on Malaysia’s east coast, consisting only of sun, sea and sand or a jam-packed getaway to Borneo, you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect destination for you in Malaysia. Check out holidays to Penang with and holidays to Lankawai.

Travellers will be in paradise with Singaporethe Philippines and Hong Kong on their doorstep. Well, almost! If you are island hopping however, be prepared to find yourself in Malaysia a little longer than planned due to the sheer amount of things to see, do and taste. As for what you’ll be eating on a holiday to Malaysia, well where do we start? The many different cultural influences are definitely reflected in the food, and although you’ll find many dishes that relate back to familiar cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian and Thai, you’ll definitely notice a Malaysian stamp on them. Tantalise your taste buds with a smorgasbord of food on offer to you and soak up the abundance of culture while you’re at it.

Have it all on a holiday to Malaysia

This beautiful Asian country is definitely worth a visit if you’re travelling, if you can decide which areas to go to, that is! To experience everything that a holiday to Malaysia has to offer however, we’d suggest dedicating a whole trip to this beautiful part of the world. Why choose whether to go to a beach resort, have an activity packed holiday or a getaway full of culture and history, book a great value holiday to Malaysia with and experience a bit of everything.