Covid-19 Ranking: Upcoming Destinations for UK Travellers

Are you itching to travel but unsure where to go? We’ve created a ranking that lists the top destinations for UK travellers. Above all, we want to help you find a safe, suitable and stunning holiday destination in a post-coronavirus world. Find out how we calculated the score below


Beautiful architecture. Stunning art. Fabulous fashion. And the most amazing food – pizza, pasta, wine, gelato. Italy might be as close to heaven as a country gets. From Rome’s historical sites to Sardinia’s stunning beaches and caves to Sicily’s delicacies (arancini and cannoli are our personal favourites), there is something to suit all tastes. Some other things to add to your Italy bucket list: ride a gondola through Venice, take a mandatory embarrassing selfie next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, eat your weight in neapolitan pizza in Naples.


Greece has it all: sun, sea and ancient history. If you like to sunbathe, wade in the water and feel the sand between your toes, you are spoiled for choice in this beautiful country. Believe it or not, Greece has 6,000 islands (over 200 of which are inhabited), so pack your swimming costume and dive right in. Greece is also great for culture vultures and history buffs – from the Acropolis in Athens, to the ancient city of Kamiros in Rhodes, there are fascinating things to see across the country. We’re so glad Greece will welcome UK travellers from the 15th July, but don’t forget there are still some restrictions. Make sure you submit your ‘Passenger Locator Form’ (PLF) up to 24 hours before travelling and ensure you understand all the conditions of travel. 


For an unparalleled nature getaway, head to Norway. Fjords, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, you name it. Whatever natural wonder you want to see, you’ll most likely find it somewhere in Norway. Let’s also not forget the Northern Lights – one of the most stunning things you can experience on this earth. Head to Tromsø for a great view of this phenomenon.


Legend has it that Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, and with all the beauty the country has to offer, we believe it. Alongside golden sand and turquoise waters, Cyprus promises up to 340 days of sunshine every year. For the perfect combination of culture and beach fun, head to Paphos, which thanks to its ancient ruins, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure you try the local food as well. With influences from Turkey, Greece and the Middle East, you can expect some real treats. 


There is more to Germany than Oktoberfest (although, we do certainly love that part about it). The Bavarian Alps, Heidelberg Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle are just some of our favourites. Berlin is also an absolute must at any time of the year, particularly in the warmer months when you can enjoy dining al fresco in beer gardens. For nature getaways, The Black Forest has some of the most stunning views in Europe. Titisee, Triberg Waterfalls and Feldberg's panoramic views are some of the highlights. Otherwise, there are some great beaches along the Baltic and North Sea – Rostock and Sylt are two of the best.


With over 250 waterfalls, 300 lakes and 10,000 caves, there are a lot of reasons to go to Slovenia. If you’re more about gastronomy than nature, you can bet it’s still worth a visit. Slovenia’s foodie scene is booming, particularly in Ljubljana, Bled and Istria. Wherever you choose to stay, we encourage you to try Štruklji (rolled dumplings), Potica (cake) and Kremšnita (more cake). Apparently, there is also one vineyard for every 70 people, in case you needed one more reason to go. 


If you’re after Scandinavian charm, look no further than Denmark. Copenhagen is often described as one of the happiest, most liveable cities in the world and it's not hard to see why. Aside from the city’s colourful, romantic waterfront and impressive landmarks, Copenhagen is committed to being green, with many well-kept parks and cycle routes. For this reason, it features at the top of our eco-tourism ranking. Been to Copenhagen and want something new? Try Aalborg, Billund or Aarhus


From the most idyllic beaches to the most picturesque national parks, Croatia is one big, beautiful postcard. Everywhere you turn, there is beauty to be seen. For a seaside getaway, you can’t go wrong with Split, Hvar and Pula. Dubrovnik also has some incredible beaches as well as some impressive historical sites. In fact, the entire Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No visit to Croatia is complete without a taste of Crni rižot - a seafood black risotto that tastes much better than it looks. Give it a go, we dare you.


Spectacular historical landmarks. Mouth-watering cuisine. Perfect weather. These three things make Turkey the perfect getaway. Antalya is a must for anyone wanting a beach holiday – you won’t find clearer waters or softer sand. And with warm temperatures that last throughout autumn, you can be sure you’ll get some glorious sun. Marmaris and Ölüdeniz offer a similar vibe – put your feet up and let your hair down. 


Slovakia offers a fantastic getaway for those that love the outdoors. The Tatra Mountains might be the most spectacular range you’ll ever see. With nine national parks, many with waterfalls, gorges and caves, there’s no shortage of places that will take your breath away. On top of that, there are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites to enjoy across the country. On your visit, be sure to try bryndzové halušky, Slovakia’s national dish. Try it alongside slivovica, a plum brandy with a real kick. You won’t be disappointed.

United Kingdom

You don't need to leave the country to see beauty. Whether you're after the buzz of a city, the serenity of a beach or the charm of the countryside, the UK has it all. With 10 national parks across the country, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning green spaces. You’re even more spoiled if you want a beach getaway – there are over 750 beaches in the UK. What are you waiting for? Get the bucket and spade out. 

Predicted ranking in a month

  1. Greece

  2. Turkey

  3. Italy

  4. Cyprus

  5. Denmark

  6. Germany

  7. Norway

  8. Portugal

  9. Slovenia

  10. France

What we considered in the ranking

Our new ranking score, which is regularly updated, is based on a safety score and an attractiveness score. 

The safety score considers the:

  • number of active Covid-19 cases in each country

  • quality of the healthcare system 

  • distance of the destination from the departure country.

The attractiveness score considers the:

  • number of available hotels 

  • the popularity of the destination in June, July and August

  • The number of UNESCO sites

This is illustrated below. The final rankings give slightly more weight to the safety score (60%) than the attractiveness score (40%).


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