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Safe Travel Information Hub

Travel restrictions

For the latest country-specific information about entry requirements, please visit the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice page or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Republic of Ireland.

Covid-19 restrictions | From 22nd February 2021

As per the government announcement on the 22nd February, there is a four-step plan to lift lockdown restrictions. Each stage is dependent on the coronavirus situation improving and may be subject to change. 

Nevertheless, as it stands now, self-contained holidays within the UK will be allowed no earlier than April 12th (Stage 2). Hotels will reopen by May 17th at the earliest (Stage 3), and, by June 21st (Stage 4), the government hopes to remove all limits on social contact. 

This means international leisure travel will not be possible before May 17th based on current plans, however the government intends to make a further announcement on April 12th to review rules for international travel.

Travel advice

It can be hard to understand the ins and outs of international travel in these uncertain times so we've tried to make it simple. Here's everything you need to know about travelling abroad during Covid-19, from travel insurance to packing lists to staying safe on your journey.


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