Palma City Breaks

Enjoy one of Spain's premiere island holiday destinations. Palma's year-round sunshine, venerated nightlife, and scores of white sandy beaches make it a popular destination among Europeans.

The capital city of Mallorca, Palma is located on the southern coast and overlooks clear blue Mediterranean seas. With beautiful beaches, a sunny climate, and vibrant nightlife, a holiday in Palma is an unforgettable experience with something for everyone to enjoy.


History and Architecture             

Named after the Roman city of Palmaria, Palma was invaded a number of times throughout its history and developed many trading links. Occupied by the Arabs, and then the Spanish, the city became a key port in the Mediterranean and its eclectic history can be seen in the many varieties of architecture and remains found here.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is a striking building in a gothic style that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Construction began in 1229 with cosmetic alterations by Antoni Gaudí from 1901 to 1914. Near to the Cathedral is the old Arab quarter, consisting of winding alleyways and quaint courtyards. Here you’ll find the Almudaina Palace, a former Arab fortress converted into a royal palace in the fourteenth century under the instruction of James II.


All Saints

Palma hosts two spectacular festivals each year known as Fiestas. Sant Sebastian takes place in January and is named after Palma’s patron saint, while Saint Joan is celebrated in June, together with the summer solstice. The biggest parties for each festival take place on the day before the saints’ day, when parades, fireworks, and music concerts fill the streets. It’s a sight to see and one of the highlights of a city break in Palma.


Party into the night

Palma has plenty of popular nightclubs, including El Divino and Abraxxa, both near to the marina. Tito’s is an institution in the city, with more than six bars and a dazzling laser show.

Café Barcelona has some amazing live jazz music, and salsa can be heard at L’Havanna, a bar with a Cuban theme. Ses Voltes is an open air venue that offers free concerts at the weekends and has featured acts such as Dr Feelgood and República Rock in the past.



Palma enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate all year round, reaching temperatures of around eighty degrees in July and August after a slightly cooler spring. Winters temperatures are usually around fifty to sixty degrees, being cooler but still comfortable if you’re planning a Palma holiday then.


Volcanoes and Dragons

Palma has some beautiful countryside, perfect for gentle strolls, with features such as the Caldera de Taburiente crater in the north, to a volcanic ridge, Cumbre Vieja, in the south. Climb to Mirador el Time to admire the stunning view back over the ravine, and admire the majestic dragon trees by the hamlet of Las Tricias.