Terms And Conditions - Eurostar


  1. When you purchase a Eurostar journey please remember that, in addition to these terms, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of Eurostar. Please contact our Customer Services who will be able to provide those terms and conditions to you.
  2. Where Eurostar allows you to cancel or modify a reservation you must contact lastminute.com in writing of such a request. Unless we receive such a written request lastminute.com will be unable to effect that request. Please note that because the contract for the reservation is between you and Eurostar, lastminute.com have no discretion in deciding whether the reservation can be cancelled or modified.
  3. Any visa, passport and inoculation requirements are your responsibility and failure to obtain the relevant documentation is not the responsibility of lastminute.com.
  4. Most Eurostar tickets are generated as 'e-tickets'. This means that you will have to pick up your ticket at your point of departure. Don't worry; we will make sure you know exactly where to pick up your tickets.
  5. If you wish to collect your Eurostar ticket(s) from the automatic ticket machines/BLS at a French station, please note the following conditions: a French credit or debit card must be used for payment. American Express credit cards cannot be used for payment. The total value of the tickets purchased does not exceed 800 Euros (€800).