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Embrace the journey, preserve the heritage

The first humans began moving across the world 60,000 years ago. When we travel, we’re following in billions of footsteps, getting a feel for what it must have been like for people seeing the world's natural wonders for the first time. 

With more than one thousand UNESCO World Heritage properties worldwide, half of them in Europe and North America only [1] , we are immersed in culture when we travel. And with culture, we don’t mean just museum artefacts. Instead, engaging with local traditions during our travels makes us a guardian of their heritage.

We are not just talking about tangible heritage here; the intangible cultural values are equally important, such as the local cuisine, festivals, centuries-old rituals, beliefs and traditions.

Think about visiting breathtaking Niagara Falls in Canada, joining a cultural festival in the French Alps, or even a tea ceremony in Japan - these are not just experiences to snap for the sake of social media, but rather ways to learn about a different culture.

Join us on our mission to discover how our adventures can be a catalyst for preserving the rich tapestry of traditions and stories that make each destination unique.

Heritage, our responsibility

In Cancún, Mexico, local authorities launched the Maya Ka’an campaign to boost the Mexican social and cultural vibe in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. It's all about celebrating the incredible Mayan culture and inviting tourists to dive into it and actively engage with the communities.

The goal? Encouraging tourism in the region while giving it a cultural and social boost. But here's the best part—it's all about inclusivity for Mayans and keeping things sustainable and community-focused. 

The locals run the show, managing activities and services. From getting hands-on lessons about Mayan culture to kayaking in the Laguna Negra and spotting wildlife, like birdwatching in Muyil, it's a win-win for everyone involved. [2] This is a perfect example of virtuous projects and experiences tourists can look for while booking their next dream holiday.

The traveller's handbook for heritage heroes

The best way to preserve culture? Immerse ourselves in it: from local markets to traditional performances, we can become a part of a bigger cultural tapestry. Respect and curiosity lay the foundation for cultural preservation.

Mindful Travel Choices

Our travel choices are like brushstrokes on the canvas of cultural preservation. We might opt for accommodations that celebrate local aesthetics, choose local artisanal businesses for souvenirs, and savour authentic cuisine from family-owned restaurants.

Cultural heritage isn't a one-time show; it's a continuous performance. It’s essential always to follow heritage site guidelines, support cultural events, and participate in community initiatives. Our mindful actions ensure that the stories and traditions continue for generations.

One example? Look for special events and festivals: sometimes, there are true hidden gems, even during the off-peak season, waiting to be discovered by mindful travellers. Instead of visiting Venice for the Carnival, we can opt for a more niche destination: the Carnival of Ptuj in Slovenia preserves its authentic charm, making it one of the most culturally rich Mardi Gras celebrations. This is the perfect choice for a unique and lesser-known European carnival experience.

Our tip: when being social, share the stories behind the snapshots, the unique cultural experiences, and the artisans for cultural appreciation and to spark curiosity in others.

Carry a cultural souvenir

No, not just the trinkets from the market. Carry a piece of cultural awareness back home. Share your experiences with friends and family. You become a cultural ambassador by spreading the word and fostering understanding and respect.

Our tip: Before leaving or when you have just arrived, take a moment to connect to local authorities and institutions to discover cultural experiences run by locals you can join.

Change the way you see the world

As we embark on our next adventure, we need to remember we’re not just a traveller; we're playing a huge role in preserving diverse cultures. 

Sustainable tourism drives development while giving visitors top-notch experiences without harming heritage sites' natural or cultural vibes. And it's not just about the sites; it's about making the lives of the local community even better and sustaining other economies while travelling. Over fifty world heritage sites are in danger worldwide [3] , and the delicate balance between communities and nature is in jeopardy. Reckless actions further put these sites' integrity at risk; when we talk about tourism buzz, cultural swaps, and economic boosts linked to heritage sites, it's happening right there and in nearby spots, across the country, and internationally. For example, the historic centre of Vienna is on the World Heritage in Danger list due to high-rise projects in the middle of the Austrian capital [4] or the archaeological site of Cyrene, which was severely endangered by floods in Libya in 2023. [5]

We need everyone on board, site management, public agencies, and private businesses, working together. It's all about being responsible and sustainable and ensuring everyone's in the loop through effective coordination and commitment. 

Our choices, actions and the stories we share have the power to preserve and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of the world's heritage and our environment. Let's travel with heart, respect, and a commitment to positively impacting the places we visit.

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