Top Travel Tips: How Much Is Your Suitcase Worth?

When it comes time to find your travel insurance, do you go for the cheapest option or do you spend time paying attention to the levels of cover included? It’s not usually until the time comes to make a claim that many find the level of cover doesn’t quite cover as much as they thought it might. With some basic insurance policies only offering baggage cover up to £500, even if you’re not a gadget fiend who travels with an MP3 player, tablet and expensive noise cancelling headphones, have you ever considered just how much your clothes are worth?

Now when you take into account those gadgets many of us now can’t be without accompanying us on holiday, things can start to get a little expensive:

Whilst the above may seem excessive, it doesn’t take into account other valuable items you may have stashed in your luggage such as spending money, expensive cosmetics, designer clothes and jewellery. Once you begin to tot it up, you may be surprised how much your suitcase is worth and suddenly a basic £500 of cover may not seem enough. The good news is unless you’re opting for a basic policy, a standard travel insurance policy will usually offer £1,000 per person to cover baggage and some policies do go as high as £3,000 but most will come with requirements like keeping expensive items such as laptops in your hand luggage. If you’re in any doubt about where to store your valuables, make sure to check your policy documents before you start your packing. If you’re concerned about finding a policy with the right level of cover at the right price, comparing a number of different travel insurance policies can help you find one that offers what you need.

Other things to consider…

Are valuable items covered on your home contents insurance policy? Depending on your home contents insurance policy, you may be covered for items whilst away from home. Also known as personal possessions cover, the level of insurance can vary depending on the value of the items you’d like to cover and the particular insurer you choose. If you’re not sure whether your valuables are covered whilst away from home, it’s worth checking your policy documents.

Securing items whilst away With so many valuables in tow, keeping them safe can be a concern. You don’t want to carry round all your belongings but equally you don’t want to leave them openly exposed in your room. There are arguments for and against making use of hotel room safes for storing smaller high value items and important documents such as your passport. You may hear stories of safes being less than secure and money going missing but the number of instances of this happening will always be lower than those who’ve made use of a room safe without incident. In fact some of the instances of theft come as a result of the safe not being securely locked before leaving the room. If you do decide to use a room safe, remember many hotels will not be held liable for any missing or stolen items so you may want to split your valuables between the safe, stashing some in your luggage and carrying some on your person. However you choose to secure your items, you should make a copy of your passports, credit cards and driving licence before your departure then store these separately from the originals and when storing items in your suitcase, locking the case with a secure padlock can also act as a deterrent.

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