How to Make Money from Your Holiday

Who says you can’t afford to go on holiday? Not only are there some really cheap deals around (if you know where to look) but you could even make money from your trip away if you’re clever. Here are a few ways you can do it. 1. Review your holiday Sign up to social networking site Yuwie and review your holiday. You can set up a profile, do a blog, upload photos and videos and make money at the same time. You can also make money by signing up your friends, and even when they in turn sign up their friends. You can get paid by PayPal or by cheque. Qype is a site where you can earn points for writing reviews. Once you get 1,000 points you could become a Qype ninja and get a boxload of goodies. OK it’s not money but it’s nice stuff. Writing a review nets you 8 points but writing the first review of a place earns you 20 points and uploading a photo gets you 2 points. Reviewstream will pay you for every review you send them. If the review matches a certain list of criteria, they pay you the standard rate, which is usually about $2.50. You also get paid when somebody votes for your review. 2. Turn your caravan into a shop If you’re planning a trip using a camper van you can sell useful products to other people staying in tents and caravans. Stock up on essentials like cleaning products, underwear and tools at a cheap supermarket and sell them at a mark-up. Check first with the owners of the site that you are allowed to do this. If not, find a spot nearby where campsite residents will walk or drive past and sell there. Again, there will be different laws about selling on spare ground depending on which country you are in so check first. 3. Teach English as a foreign language If you do a TEFL course, you can apply for a job in a number of countries around the world and have a long holiday while you’re there. Countries such as China and Spain are popular destinations. A 4-week face-to-face course in the UK can set you back about £1,200, with prices dropping for online courses or shorter ones. You can do a weekend intensive course for about £250. However, there are different levels of qualifications so the longer courses are recommended. Trinity College CertTesol and Cambridge CELTA  are amongst the best recognised courses but there are hundreds of TEFL courses on offer so make sure you 4. Rent your house out Make money without any effort while you’re away by putting it up for rent on Gumtree, Spareroom or through a local lettings agent that specialises in short, holiday lets. Short-term lets are usually much more lucrative than long-term ones so you could find yourself making £100’s while you’re away. 5. Become a tourist guide extraordinaire If you’ve got knowledge of a specific area relevant to the country you’re going to, offer yourself up as an English speaking tourist guide to a holiday company. If you’re a bit of an architecture boffin you could host some tours in Greece for example, or if you’re a film buff why not take some tourists on a film locations tour in New York? You wouldn’t have to do it every day of your holiday – just one day out might be enough to enjoy the rest of your holiday with a bit of extra money in your back pocket. You can advertise your services as a tour guide, or find people looking for tours, on job sites such as Gumtree or Craigslist. Get more ideas for making money from your holiday at money magpie and check out some fantastic holiday deals on Jasmine Birtles writes for blog

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