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Top 10: Best beaches in Portugal

Relaxing beach holiday in beautiful bays - a trip to Portugal will promise you this. The country in the south-west of Europe is known not only for its lively and historic metropolises, but also for owning some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. Travel to the picturesque Algarve with its steep cliffs or the rugged Atlantic coast with its rushing waves and endless sand dunes. Portugal offers top beaches for every taste.

1. Praia da Falésia

One of the best beaches in Portugal is the Praia da Falésia in the south of the Algarve near the town of Albufeira. Here, over 6km of fine sand stretches between reddish sandstone cliffs covered with pine trees. The water is very shallow, especially during the low tide, so the beach is also very suitable for small children. Parking and toilets are available, as are sun loungers. In a restaurant, you can look out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Our tip: Walk along the sea at sunset and admire the different shades of the rocky coast in the light of approaching dusk. 

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2. Praia dos Pescadores

Praia dos Pescadores is also located on the southern Algarve near Albufeira. Because of the shallow surf and the soft sand, this beach is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday with the whole family. Thanks to a lift built into the cliffs, it can also be easily reached with a pushchair or wheelchair. A special highlight for small tourists is the water playground. Water sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth with paddleboarding, kayaking and jet skiing. 

Our tip: After a swim in the Atlantic, explore the old, historic town with its small white houses above the beach. 

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3. Praia do Vale dos Homens

It is much quieter at the Praia do Vale dos Homens on the west coast of the Algarve. The beach is very wide with fine sand and is especially known for its excellent cleanliness. It is part of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park and is located near the village of Rogil. In the area there are almost exclusively pine forests and fields, which makes the Praia do Vale dos Homens a particularly quiet, idyllic place. Via 285 wooden steps you will reach the natural beach. 

Our tip: Grab your surfboard and plunge into the wild surf of the Atlantic. 

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4. Praia Santa Eulália

About 4km east of Albufeira is the Praia Santa Eulália surrounded by cliffs, pine forests and a well-kept park. The beach has been awarded the blue flag for its cleanliness and good water quality. Here you will also find an excellent infrastructure with a lounger rental, bars, restaurants and a nightclub. The lifeguards are responsible for your safety.

Our tip: Rent a boat at Praia Santa Eulália and have a look at the impressive cliffs from the water. 

5. Praia da Coelha

Praia da Coelha, the so-called rabbit beach, is a special gem in the Algarve. Here, picturesque shells are washed up and dozens of fish frolic in the water, which you can watch especially when snorkelling. There are not usually many tourists and only a few locals, so you can enjoy the sight of reddish sand in the shade of the cliffs. For your physical well-being, there is a restaurant with a covered terrace. 

Our tip: Stroll along the ramified paths through the bushes on the coast or along the rock tunnels and discover untouched bays and fabulous viewpoints. 

6. Praia de Benagil

One of the top beaches in Portugal is Praia de Benagil near Carvoeiro in the Algarve. The 130m long golden beach in the fishing village of Benagil is framed by an ochre-coloured rock face and is known for its crystal-clear water. Those who are especially brace can jump from a steep slope on the side, which leads to a small path, into the water.

Our tip: Take a trip to the famous Algar de Benagil Cave, just 100 metres from the beach. This has a hole in its ceiling and entices you to snorkel and take photos on its small beach inside.

7. Praia da Ursa

Somewhat remote and hidden is the Praia da Ursa on the west coast, north of the Cabo da Roca. A 45-minute walk takes you along a dirt road and then along a steep, winding path to this unique beach, which is often deserted. Here you will find sharp rock formations, one of which is reminiscent of the shape of a bear, which gave the beach its name.

Our tip: Be sure to pack your swimsuits even when the weather is bad, as the weather can change very fast here on one of the westernmost points of mainland Europe.

8. Praia da Amoreira

A picturesque patch of earth is the Praia da Amoreira in the western Algarve. The beach lies on the edge of a valley, which is crossed by the river Ribeira de Aljezur, which flows from here into the sea and transforms the landscape at high tide into a lagoon. So, the beach is also habitat for otters, kingfishers and grey herons. Behind the beach are wide dune landscapes. Amenities at the Praia Amoreira include a restaurant, parking and a lifeguard service during the summer months.

Our tip: Climb the cliff from the northern end of the beach and enjoy a fantastic view of the coast.  

9. Praia Da Ilha Deserta

The beach of the island of Deserta near Faro can easily take on the Caribbean. It is located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park and can only be reached during the summer months via a 20-minute boat ride from Faro. But the journey is worthwhile, here you can walk through the fine sand, go sailing and windsurfing. 

Our tip: Bring your binoculars with you - with a little luck you will discover rare protected species of birds in the sky. 

 10. Praia do Malhão

The Praia do Malhão is a seemingly endless, wide, sandy beach, about 5km north of Vila Nova de Milfontes. It consists of several small beaches such as the Praia dos Nascedios and the Praia da Cruz, all of which have their own access route. It is part of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park and is very spacious, so you are always guaranteed to find a quiet spot.

Our tip: Watch the surfers surfing, they come to the Praia do Malhão because of the strong surf. 


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