Family holidays to the Seychelles

When you think of the Seychelles, your first thought is probably of romance – not always compatible with a family holiday, as any parent of young children will confirm! But in fact, this is a brilliant destination for a safe, relaxed long-haul trip with children of all ages. White sand beaches, shallow warm waters and opportunities for adventurous exploration set the scene for some very lucky kids to have a great holiday.


At only three or four hours time difference from GMT (depending on daylight savings), jet lag shouldn’t be too bad an issue when flying to the Seychelles, always a bonus.

Unusually for a tropical destination, there are no vaccinations needed to visit the Seychelles, or dangerous creatures to watch out for. The main things to bear in mind are the usual dangers associated with the sea, boats, heat and strong sunshine. Pack a lot of sun cream, hats and swimming costumes that cover the body.

Don’t forget waterproof sun cream!

The Seychellois are relaxed with children, although children are expected to be reasonably well behaved. The main thing to check is that your chosen accommodation is suitable – there are some places that are adults-only and in general, the larger hotels are more likely to be geared up for little ones – some may even operate clubs for children.

If you need to buy supplies, it’s easy to get hold of essentials at supermarkets on the big islands, but not necessarily specific brands of formula, baby food or nappies, so you are best off going as prepared as possible; this is especially true on the smaller islands.

Given the lack of pavements, it may not be worth bringing a buggy unless you intend to use it in your resort – a baby carrier is likely to be handier.

What to do

Children who love being on the beach and in the sea all day long will love the Seychelles. With powdery white sand and shallow surf on many beaches, they’re perfect for even the littlest of children to enjoy. Older kids will also enjoy learning to snorkel and dive.

Depending on the age of your kids, canoeing, waterskiing, and surfing are also great activities to try in the Seychelles. 

Travel to any of the smaller islands will offer children the chance for exploration and genuine adventure, as well as the excitement of being on a ‘desert island’.

One highlight for all kids will be the giant tortoises found on Curieuse Island, in various nature reserves or hotel grounds around the country, as well as at the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens.

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