Top Musical Destinations in the World

Different countries and cities from every corner of the world have their own musical fingerprint– from Nashville's homely country sound to Cuba's foot-tapping Salsa– the world has it all. By looking into upcoming concerts and festivals, we've been able to crown Europe's favourite genres of music.

Top Music Genres in Europe

Major music fan? We've also calculated the most frequently-visited cities by bands and soloists across the world so that you know where to travel to catch your favourite music.  

Top Cities for Music

Introducing, the cities demanding your musical attention this year and the genre they're most known for. Cities have been ordered by the highest total events, where countries appeared twice, the best performing city was chosen for that country.

Have a favourite genre? 

Here are the top three cities in the world that you need to visit to catch your favourite artists in live concert.

Sources and methodology

Full data and methodology can be found here