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Find waxing the way you like it with out latest range of offers at lastminute.com. Banish those rough razors and say goodbye to messy creams with affordable wax treatments at leading UK salons. The Brazilian wax is one of the most popular and you can take advantage of great deals to try it for yourself. Alternatively, explore our deals on full body wax, bikini line wax or classic leg waxing and find what's right for you.

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What waxes are there?

There are so many different salon treatments to choose from these days so choosing can be difficult. Our handy guide should help you to decide. One of the most popular with the ladies, the Brazilian wax is carried out by trained professionals and it's the ideal choice if you like things clean and well-trimmed. Your beauty therapist will gently remove pubic hair from the top and sides to leave a small amount at the front. You can choose which shape you prefer, although most people opt for a simple line or 'landing strip' or a neat triangle. Unlike the similar French version, the Brazilian wax also removes hair all the way under and round to the back. For a smooth, almost completely hairless look, choose the Brazilian.

The Hollywood wax is another great choice if you prefer the clean, hairless look. The waxer will remove all your pubic hair from the front back and underneath. Not one for the faint-hearted, this type of waxing takes a little time and means you'll have to get into some odd positions.

A bikini wax is the beginner's favourite and does just what it says - a simple, basic trim that gets you beach ready in no time. Hair is removed from the top and sides where it might escape the edges of bikini bottoms. This quick procedure is a gentle introduction for first timers as well as a classic everyday treat. Take it a step further with a bikini line wax, the obvious progression from the basic treatment, the bikini line wax follows the contours of a bikini bottom all the way round. You can adapt it to suit your preferences - maybe with a love heart shape or a broader strip at each side. Why not take advantage of our latest deals at a salon near you?

It's hard to beat leg waxing in the popularity stakes, especially in these days when tights and pantyhose are reserved for winter and formal occasions. Everyone loves to bare their legs when the sun comes out but nasty razor rash can be distressing. Cream hair removers are messy and, like shaving, the benefits don't last long. For sleek, hair-free pins, leg waxing really is the best option. Plus, the effects last for up to six weeks - try beating that with a razor!

Full Body Waxing for men

Lots of women choose a full body wax for holidays and special occasions. Of course, you don't really need an excuse to have that unsightly underarm, leg and bikini line hair removed. It's a real feel-good treat at any time and with our offers, you can find deals on salons around the UK. Men can also take advantage of our offers to have their backs, chest and the rest done professionally. Once reserved for body builders and professional sportsmen, it's fast becoming the treatment of choice for discerning men.

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