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There's nothing quite like a pedicure to put a spring in your step. Our spa pedicure offers aim to give your hardworking feet the care they deserve and they are available at leading salons around the UK. Whether you'd like a classic pedicure or whether you'd love to try a French pedicure your feet are in for a treat. Find the best pedicures near you and step out in style soon.

Pedicure treatments

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What is a pedicure?

The dictionary says that a spa pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for the feet. However, it really is so much more and you can discover exciting treatments for yourself with our latest offers. Prepare to encounter a new level of care with indulgent treatments that have been designed with your pleasure in mind.

Nothing feels better than soft smooth skin and a trained professional will target areas of hard skin and gently buff it away when you choose a foot scrub treatment. You'll love the results and this gentle but intensive foot care treatment is the ideal solution for feet that have spent winter hidden in boots and thick socks. Soft, supple skin that is beautifully smoothed and moisturised in one easy treatment, what could be better?

After prepping your tootsies with an indulgent scrub treatment, you're sure to want to show them off - especially if you're planning a holiday or trip. Try a 2-week treatment for longer lasting colour and then dazzle your friends with your fabulous nails in flip flops by day and strappy sandals by night. Your treatment might include a soothing foot bath to soften nails before your assistant clips toe nails and trims your cuticles. Stubborn areas are swiftly dealt with and many pedicures near you offer relaxing foot massage as part of the package. Lie back and let your cares slip away as scented oils are massaged into heels and soles. Your nails will be filed and buffed to get rid of the last rough edges before your preferred colour is expertly applied.

Perhaps your feet aren't picture perfect. Consider a callous removal or rough skin treatment that will prepare your feet perfectly for the next stage. A foot peel is an excellent alternative to scrubs and your therapist will coat your feet in warm wax for this luxurious, conditioning ritual. Nails not looking their best? Why not try gel nails or a chic French pedicure? French-style nails are always in fashion and the latest versions leave lots of room for experimentation. Try darker tips with a light, pastel base or turn the tables with a classic look. Select offers that feature Opi colour and choose neon brights, pearly or metallic looks to suit your mood.

Foot care for men

It's not just women who ask 'What is a pedicure?' these days. More men than ever are discovering that it's hard to beat professional foot care at UK salons. Many women of all ages already take advantage of our offers to find pedicures near Birmingham or the latest toe treat near Edinburgh. Plus, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to get that fabulous French pedicure or those gel nails. These feel-good foot treatments are fun at any time of year and they're guaranteed to put a smile on your face and, yes, a spring in your step!.

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