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The Pearl of the Gulf. From the ancient and traditional to the breathtakingly modern, there is much to see and do in Bahrain.

The name ‘Bahrain’ means two seas, which is attributed to the sweet water springs and salty water in the seas that surrounds the island country. Our cluster of thirty-three islands sits happily in the heart of the Gulf.

4,500 years ago, the Dilmun people were the first to settle in Bahrain, making a home on islands surrounded by waters rich in both fish and pearls. They have left their mark on our landscape, our culture and our spirit.

Bahrain is a blend of contemporary developments, cosmopolitan living and an attractive liberal lifestyle along with rich history and culture. Whether you are interested in archaeology, shopping, adventure activities or even something as unusual as pearl diving Bahrain is sure to entertain you and your family.

We have historic monuments; such as the Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque to one of the most modern Formula One race-tracks in the world at the Bahrain International Circuit.

We explore the best of what the island has to offer visitors, with a heavy emphasis on attractions that truly capture the flavor of the country and the region. So go ahead and enjoy the sights!

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Manama is Bahrain’s largest city and is recognized as the financial hub of the Middle East, where many banks and finance houses are located.

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Muharraq, Bahrain’s second largest island contains some of the oldest residential properties in the Kingdom. 

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Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Island’s six manmade islands are each unique, offering a truly enviable lifestyle by the water. Amwaj islands are just 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the capital, Manama.

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Adventure & Sports

Enjoy your day with to swim in Bahrain Lagoon or snorkel at the artificial reef. Have fun with various water sports activities like jet skis, kayaks, water paddle boat ,etc in beautiful waters of Bahrain.

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Treat your taste buds to the delicious Bahraini cuisine and savour the richness of taste in a most extra ordinary way.

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From numerous traditional as well as modern shops, Bahrain is a perfect place for all shopping-lovers. 

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