Our reach

With 60 million unique visitors every month, we offer brands access to a truly diverse audience across Europe.

Our network of market-leading online travel sites attracts young, urban and affluent customers who are willing to spend and traditionally hard to reach. And with dedicated in-house teams across Europe we are the experts in helping brands reach and inspire travellers at every stage of their journey.

Our network

We own a large travel portfolio across Europe and the world, each of our brands having a strong identity within its own market. Our partnerships with leading lifestyle and travel websites extend our reach and audiences even further. This allows us to better target audiences across different markets and match the needs of our diverse client segments, leveraging local strengths with cutting-edge content and advertising solutions.

Our inspirational online travel and lifestyle company is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2018.

One of the leading travel brands in the Italian market, with more than 500,000 flights booked each year.

Our brand new acquisition site leading the German market since 2004.

Our Spanish brand also has a significant presence in Portugal and localised websites are available in Europe, as well as South America.

It’s available in 15 languages and present in over 35 countries, with a strong brand position in some core markets such as France and Germany.

Finds users the best travelling connections and saves them money at the same time.

Offers weather forecasts through a collection of localised websites in more than 20 countries around the world.

Provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide.

Inspiring content from the global travel icon with millions of loyal readers - expertly researched and beautifully designed.

Travel community “Where Are You Now?” inspires millions of travellers to discover where to go next.

Our metasearch website that enables users to search for, and compare, travel and leisure products. It operates in 38 countries across Europe, Asia and America.