Programmatic solutions

We use programmatic technologies and our powerful data to create sophisticated and targeted campaigns across our European sites.

Deal options

Programmatic guaranteed

We know that programmatic is good to use when:

  • you are focused on:
    • strict brand safety
    • inventory control
    • high-value placements
  • you want to secure our best inventory, during certain dates, for an agreed budget

Preferred deal

We recommend using preferred deals for:

  • one-to-one deals with:
    • a negotiated fixed CPM
    • exclusive access to audience and non guaranteed inventory

Smart targeting



From family travellers to foodies and city-breakers to cyclists



Connect with travellers who are browsing for their next trip



Connect with people based on age, gender, income

Key information


we use the main sell-side platforms:

  • Adx
  • Rubicon
  • Pubmatic
  • Appnexus

Programmatic Setup

All competitors and main clients in our core-markets are blacklisted or filtered on the open marketplace with strict high price rules (3,300 rules across all our network on programmatic).