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If music makes you travel, Holland is where you need to be! With around 1,000 festivals and concerts happening every year, with some of the top artists in the world, you can easily travel from city to city and check out some of the best music events in the world.

© Zwarte Cross

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Holland has become the place to see your favourite DJ, artist or band play live, or discover new talent. With great transportation links, it’s easy to be in any part of the country in just a few hours, giving you a wide choice of events within easy reach. From rock in Rotterdam, to hip hop in The Hague, here’s our musical guide to the best of Holland.

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With some of the top DJ’s in the world being Dutch, we think it is safe to say that Holland is the place to go for EDM. For those looking for the EDM party of their life, Holland has many amazing festivals to discover. In the summer, you could visit a EDM festival every weekend! What’s more Dutch than dance music? In regions like Flevoland and North Brabant, some of the best EDM festivals are happening. If you head to Flevoland, you can check out Defqon.1 in June and Lowlands in August. In North Brabant, check out cities like Breda or Eindhoven for some of the best dance, house and techno events. Want more EDM? Don’t miss The Flying Dutch festival in Rotterdam and Eindhoven for the best house, dance and electro music!

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Did you know....? 
Top Dutch DJs like Hardwell and Tiesto are from the city of Breda in North Brabant. 

© Lowlands Festival (Bart Heemskerk)

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Map to Key EDM Festivals and Venues

Jazz & Blues

Holland hosts one of the world’s leading jazz festivals every year, the North Sea Jazz Festival, which draws top headliners from the east to the west, and it should not be missed! If you prefer the blues, Holland also offers many festivals for these fans throughout the year. See below to discover where you can enjoy a vibrant and exclusive Jazz & Blues experience. Rotterdam is known for its vibrant jazz scene, and should be on your list of places to visit in July when the city hosts the North Sea Jazz Festival. Here some of the biggest artists in the world perform in the city. Looking for something more underground, Holland has that too! Get the blues in cities like Nijmegen, where they host the International Music Meeting Festival.

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Did you know....? 
Holland’s own blues singer Andre Hazes is still a local favourite to this day.  

© North Sea Jazz Rotterdam – Drummer

© Zwarte Cross

© North Sea Jazz Rotterdam

Feel the Holland Vibe: Jazz & Blues Playlist

Map to Key Jazz & Blues Festivals and Venues


With many pop temples as we call it, complemented by stadiums and concert venues throughout the country, all the big pop stars know to stop in Holland during their world tours. You can see them at these awesome venues or at festivals throughout the year.  From Bruno Mars to Beyonce, the biggest names in pop make a stop in Holland. Head to the east of the county to the Gelredome in Arnhem where today’s biggest pop stars will perform.  

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Did you know....? 
Pinkpop festival has it all, including some of the biggest pop names, like previous performers such as Justin Bieber! You can definitely get your dose of pop here.

© Tuckerville – Ilse DeLange

© Zwarte Cross

© Ahoy Rotterdam – Concert of Afrojack

Feel the Holland Vibe: Pop Playlist

Map to Key Pop Festivals and Venues


Do you like to rock on your travels? Holland has got the festivals, the venues and the local bands for you to rock your way through the country! 

The biggest festival in the Netherlands, Zwarte Cross, happens in Lichtenvoorde in the eastern part of the country. A truly unique rock festival, with 31 stages, it is also the biggest motor cross event in the world. 

Le Guess Who is another festival that gets a lot of buzz, hosted in Utrecht, and if you like eclectic festivals, this is the one for you.

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Did you know....? 
You can explore both Flevoland and Lowlands Festival in August for some great rock acts like Gorillaz and The War on Drugs! 

© Zwarte Cross

© Zwarte Cross

© Zwarte Cross

Feel the Holland Vibe: Rock Playlist

Map to Key Rock Festivals and Venues

Hip Hop & R&B

Rappers, hip hop originals and R&B artists from all over the world always find their way to Holland to sell out stadiums, concert halls and festivals. Add our homegrown hip hop scene and you’ve got a hip-hop dream destination. 

WOO HAH! Festival in North Brabant is a must visit if you like hip hop. Make it a truly unique Dutch experience by also camping overnight at the festival. Or head to the hip city of Rotterdam and see who’s playing at the Annabel venue, you won’t be disappointed.

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Did you know....? 
You can head to the south to Eindhoven and check out what hip hops acts are playing at Effenaar.

© Melk Weg – The Game (Emil Verga)

© Zwarte Cross

© Zwarte Cross

Feel the Holland Vibe: Hip Hop & R&B Playlist

Map to Key Hip Hop & R&B Festivals and Venues

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