Think of Greece and see images of a welcoming culture.

It all starts the moment you step onboard your AEGEAN flight and immerse yourself in the truly unique Greek ambience. Sit back, relax and welcome to the world of AEGEAN. AEGEAN is a member of Star Alliance and Greece’s largest airline, operating short and medium haul services. In 2013 AEGEAN acquired Olympic Air; as a result, our passengers are provided with increased flight frequencies and connections as well as improved accessibility to Greece’s islands. In 2019, we were honoured with the Skytrax World Airline award, as the best European regional airline for the 10th time.


A destination should be more than just a place you visited. It should be about what you long for, a state of mind, all that stays with you once your holiday is over. Only then will it be truly memorable. So next time you plan your city break think of the feeling you would like to fly to. Pleasure? Tranquility? Thrill? Whatever it may be, you are ready for a take-off towards Thessaloniki. Your next feeling starts with AEGEAN.  

Together, with care

At AEGEAN, we believe travel should be more than just getting to a destination. We want you to be inspired and feel safe through every step of your travel journey. From check in to arrival at your destination, you will experience a new standard of care. We constantly monitor the latest health developments and regularly review and enhance our protocols. The safety of our passengers and personnel is always our top priority!

New clean standard

At AEGEAN we are committed to making you feel reassured and confident about your wellbeing when you fly with us. We have introduced extra cleaning procedures at the airport, we have adapted specific aircraft interior cleaning processes for both regular and periodic cleaning and disinfection. In each flight, our Hygiene Attendants will make sure that all hygiene measures are being applied on board, so you can always travel with peace of mind. Additionally, throughout the flight, the air in Airbus cabins is cleaned with advanced HEPA air filters which capture more than 99% of even microscopic bacteria and viruses. As an extra level of protection, we perform Covid-19 tests on all of our active crew members every 15 days.

Booking Options

Have a destination in mind? Book your AEGEAN flight now without second thoughts. Sometimes, you want to travel with the essentials. Other times you need more flexibility, and some other times you want to enjoy maximum flexibility and comfort during your trip. Discover AEGEAN’s new Economy fares and choose the one that suits your trip best. Also you may choose to live the Business Class experience and gain access to exclusive privileges before take-off, as well as on board.

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