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Welcome to lm Card - Prepaid Travel Card

Introducing the Visa Card, the easy, safe and handy way to pay when you're on holiday. Visa Card is a reloadable, prepaid travel card, which allows you to easily transfer your cash between multiple currencies (British Pounds, Euro and US Dollars).

The Visa Card gives you a great exchange rate on your currencies, and can be used in millions of places around the world - everywhere that Visa is accepted.

You can top up your card from as little as £10.



Often better exchange rates than on the high street, and without the queues.

Check and top up your account instantly via the app or online.

Lost or stolen card? Lock it and protect your money anytime.



Value for money

As a Visa Card holder, you'll get great exchange rates on your currencies - often much better than those offered on the high street or at the airport. You can even lock-in the exchange rate for the duration of your trip, so you'll know exactly how much money you have to spend.



Easy to use

Managing your account is easy. You can check your balances, transfer between currencies and top up your Visa Card at the tap of a button online, or via the dedicated app. So there's no more need to queue up at the Bureau de Change.




Safe and secure

With the Visa Card, you can also enjoy the peace of mind of 24/7 phone support, wherever you are in the world. If your card is lost or stolen, you can quickly and easily lock it via the app, to protect your cash.

And as it's a Visa prepaid card, you'll find that your lm Card is widely accepted around the world - you can use it to pay wherever they take Visa. You can even use it to pay with contactless.



Get your Visa Card

It just takes a few minutes to apply for a Visa Card. Order the card today!


Want to know more about Visa Card? You can find the terms and conditions and Wirecard's privacy policy here and the lm Card privacy policy here.

The Visa Card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd.


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