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Thailand Hotels

Thailand has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years, thanks to its famously cheap prices, stunning Southeast Asian countryside and its popularity with world travellers. The country is close by to exotic locations like Burma, Vietnam and Malaysia, which makes it an ideal spot for the classic Asia tour.

Our top hotel offers in Thailand

Busy Bangkok

The architecture in Thailand is vastly different to the UK, so don’t be surprised if your Thailand hotels have some impressive twists and turns. Of course on your stay you’ll have to check out the lavish Buddhist temples like Wat Phra Kaew in bustling Bangkok. The impressive prickly architecture varies from temple to temple, giving each one their own individual charm. The ornate Grand Palace sits neatly inside the city, and is open to visitors between 8.30am and 3.30pm local time. You won’t find it difficult to find an English speaking guide to take you around the Palace, with tours readily available on entrance. Once you’ve begun to learn about Thai culture, you might want to see the Anata Samakhom Throne Hall. This famous area within Dusit Palace is now a museum with some fun and family-friendly educational things to learn, and is still used today for grander state occasions.

Thai islands

Thailand is surrounded by gorgeous islands, with outstanding natural beauty. Take your pick of the various islands, each with its own unique properties. Ko Tarutao is a great spot if you’re looking for unspoilt beaches, dazzling waterfalls and tested hiking paths. Stay nearby at The Andaman Luxury Collection Resort, where you can have all the home comforts you require and still be within stone’s throw of the this Thai paradise island. Of course at the other end of the spectrum is Ko Phi Phi. This island’s success in Hollywood blockbusters has led to it becoming much more popular in recent years and is driven by tourism, so they’ll be ready to provide you with all the conveniences of a European destination. Expect sun loungers and parasols on this gorgeous island retreat, not to mention a choice of Western Holiday Inn hotels or more local brands, depending on the mood you’re in. has a broad range of Thailand hotels and holidays to choose from, whether you’re looking for busy and active hotels or hidden islands in the sun. Thailand is one of Asia’s most beautiful holiday destinations, so why not book today and start looking forward to your exotic holiday right away.