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Pick from a range of Scottish hotels and holidays with and enjoy a great highlands getaway. Whether you decide to fly into the country, or navigate the Northern roads and arrive by car, you’ll find plenty of friendly people in Scotland to make your stay a pleasant one. The country has a great range of busy cities like Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, not to mention fantastic cottage retreats in the hilly Scottish countryside. 

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Heritage and history

In the day time

Out in the countryside you’ll find no shortage of impressive scenery and grand buildings to share your time across. Visit Drumlanrig Castle Gardens and Country Park to see what a Scottish country residence is really like. The house is located in Thornhill, just south of Glasgow, so it’s easily reached from Southern points like Gretna Green.

Take your pick from the many city hotels in Glasgow, like the regal Millennium Hotel, traditional Thistle Glasgow hotel or the more typical Glasgow Marriott. On your stay there you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities. Wonder out of your hotel door and explore sites like the Glasgow Cathedral, or the serene parks of Glasgow Green by the River Clyde. No matter the Scottish city you choose, you’ll find a great range of old architecture to explore, and modern activities to get keep you busy.

Scotland tours

There are few better ways to get to grips with the rugged Scottish country than exploring it on a dedicated tour. You’ll find you’re able to choose from day tours out of Edinburgh and Glasgow especially, offering a range of treks out in the countryside or classical bus-top city tours to see the manmade sights. One of the most popular single day tours is the Loch Ness and Highlands tour from Edinburgh. This tour, run by Travel Scotland, will collect you from your guest house and runs all year long.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then the four day Inverness, Highlands and Skye tour from Glasgow will show you a bit of everything. First you’ll check out the city of Inverness, before roaming through the Highlands and across to the famous Island of Skye. This tour runs between May and September and also includes accommodation along the way. Travel Scotland run this tour, and enjoy positive feedback year on year.

No matter the part of Scotland you choose, you’ll have great fun on your Scottish getaway with