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Morocco Hotels

Morocco offers some of the most diverse landscapes in Africa with rugged coastlines, expansive desert and towering mountains. And away from the coast with its resorts are ancient cities such as Marrakesh and Fez. You'll be beguiled by the sheer number of historic sites like Chellah, a medieval fortified necropolis, The Kasbah of the Udayas and the ruined 16th-century El Badi Palace. Enjoy stunning views on the coastal drive from El-Jadida to Oualidia. Trek to Mt Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains. Enjoy watersports on the coast and haggle over carpets or crafts in a market.

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Things to do

Experience the adrenalin rush that is white water rafting in the Atlas Mountains. Or see wild Morocco by joining a three to six-day desert trek along ancient nomadic migration routes. Traverse the Atlas Mountains by mountain bike. Learn now to surf, windsurf or kitesurf at Esseaouira on the Atlantic coast. Or chill out on the dramatically located beaches of the Al-Hoceima National Park. Hire a 4×4 and take one of the great southern routes for the oases around Tinghir, Zagoura and Erfoud where palm tree groves stretch out into desert amid traditional mud kasbahs and kasours. See North Africa's best preserved Roman ruins at Volubilis, a 3rd-century archaeological site. Head to Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate, one of the most stunning kasbahs in the south. And don't miss Ait Benhadouh there, a fortified kasbah where David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Find time too to see some of Morocco's many fine museums including the Marrakesh Museum in the Dar Menebhi Palace with its series of beautifully decorated rooms which house a superb collection of Muslim, Jewish and Berber artefacts. Check out too the Archaeological Museum at Tetouan and find out more about the impact on Morocco of the Romans, Phoenicians and Punics.

Arts and culture

Make a beeline to Marrakesh which currently has 25 art galleries such as the Maison de la Photographie featuring photographs of Moroccan life from the 19th century. Or check out the Mint Collective, a group of young local artists. And find time when in Marrakesh to look around the Jardin Majorelle and the Museum of Islamic Art, a botanical garden and museum, and the Matisse Gallery which is also devoted to Moroccan art. And, if you're in Morocco at the right time, you can enjoy festivals such as the International Salsa Festival and Marrakesh Film Festival.

Eating and Drinking

Moroccan cuisine reflects its interaction with many other cultures and typically mixes Berber, Mediterranean and Andalusian cooking. Couscous, lamb and salads feature heavily. The culture of eating out is not a Moroccan mainstay. Sample Café Clock in Fez and Le Jardin in Marrakesh.


Outside the coastal resorts the best nightlife can be found in Marrakesh. Try lounge bar Azaz, glamorous Le Bar Churchill or Café Arabe. Hit the dancefloor at Le Salama or Pasha Marrakech.