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Malta Hotels

Malta has a rich culture, in part because of the presence of many different cultures throughout its history. This is seen today through the art, architecture and even the cuisine.

Want to travel to Malta?

If you are vaccinated

PCR test: no

Quarantine: no

Form to fill: no

Vaccination certificate: yes

Booster: not required

Under 18 vaccinated: Children aged 12 to 18 will provide a proof of full vaccination.

If you are not vaccinated

Can I enter? yes

Test needed or recovery certificate accepted: PCR or proof of recovery.

Quarantine: people over 12 years old who do not have a test/recovery certificate.

Form to fill: no

Under 18: Children aged 12 to 18 can travel with a negative PCR or proof of recovery or quarantine at arrival.

Mega Temples and Brilliant Baroque

The Megalithic Temples of Malta, doted around the island, are thought to be the oldest free standing structures on earth, some dating back to 4,000BC. The Hypogeum, dating back to 3000 BC, is the only remaining prehistoric underground temple in the world, full of rooms that are still decorated in red spirals. If your Malta hotel is near Valletta, the city known as Masterpiece of Baroque, you’ll soon see the many stunning structures built in that style. 


Whatever the Weather

Like most Mediterranean countries, Maltese weather is strongly influenced by the sea. You can expect a hot and dry summer, a warm autumn and a cool winter with a chance of rain. Thanks to this, you have plenty of time to book your Maltese hotel as beach season usually lasts from April to October.



Blue Water Beaches

Being an island, Malta has a range of beaches where you can relax, swim, and take part in water sports, while topping up your tan. If you’re near the west coast of Malta, Golden Bay and Ghajin Tuffieha Bay are two popular beaches right next to each other with a surrounding area full of grassy paths to explore. In the north, Paradise Bay is set in an attractive cove with views of the neighbouring islands while the clear blue water is popular with snorkelers. Our favourite is The Blue Lagoon on Comino, with beaches to lounge on, caves to explore and rocks to jump from. Boats aren’t allowed near so the water doesn’t get disturbed. 



Large Nightclub or Intimate Pub

Malta has a lively and eclectic nightlife, so you can choose between having a quiet drink in a local bar to clubbing into the early hours of the morning. If you want to party, book a cheap Maltese hotel in the Paceville area, full of bars and clubs. We love the Nordic Bar and their bizarre payment method, where if you roll a six, you pay a discounted price. Numero Uno in Ta Qali is one of the largest open air clubs in Malta but if you want  something a little more intimate head to Vinum Wine Bar in Mdina, with great views of Malta from the terrace.