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Serviced Apartments in Lively West London

West London Serviced Apartments

Stylish self-serviced apartments in West London

West London is one of the most sought-after areas in the capital and hotel prices can be high, so self-serviced apartments can be a great way to save money. 

Much of West London is known for its up-market, prosperous feel. Home to some of the most stylish apartments in the capital, it's home to designer shops and fine dining restaurants that make any holiday or business trip feel extra-special. Plus, its location is perfect for sightseeing, thanks to its close proximity to lots of popular tourist attractions. 

You can get away from it all on the Thames footpath or in Hyde Park, while historical attractions like Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament are close by too. And it's also a cosmopolitan part of the city where upmarket streets exist alongside multicultural dining scenes and lively nightlife. 


West London serviced apartments for business travellers and tourists

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes for great places to stay in West London. There are hundreds of hotels and guest houses in the area, and many of them offer a good experience. But an apartment gives you space to breath, relax and maybe do a spot of entertaining.

Don't worry if you're used to classic hotel services such as a concierge and a 24-hour reception, as modern serviced apartments include them in the price of rental. So whether you’re coming in late from a night at the theatre or leaving early for an important business meeting, there’s always someone available to provide the assistance you need.


Where can you find serviced apartments in West London

West London covers a vast area that stretches from Oxford Circus and the West End to stylish Kensington, vibrant Notting Hill, the bustling streets of Hammersmith, Fulham and Shepherd's Bush to Putney, Richmond and beyond. You'll discover beautifully furnished and maintained serviced apartments in West London in all of these districts and many more. Whether you prefer to be close Heathrow Airport and the leafy enclaves of Surrey or whether you want to be closer to the West End and central London, you can be sure there's an apartment that's perfect for you.

Fun for everyone  in West London

West London is also known for its excellent restaurants and cafes and you'll find more coffee shops in the vibrant streets of Notting Hill than you might in Manhattan. Plus, while you're in Notting Hill you can check out the famous Portobello Road Market. Reserve your serviced apartment in West London for the last weekend in August if you want to take part in the Notting Hill Carnival. This colourful event is one of the biggest parades of its kind and it's popular with locals and with visitors from around the globe. Friendly pubs, exceptional shops and restaurants, attractions for all ages, and friendly locals, what more could you ask for? 

Sights and attractions in West London

West London boasts a host of interesting things to do and see while enjoying your stay in a fully-furnished serviced apartment. Get ready to hit the streets and take in some of these great attractions.

  1. Take in a show at the Apollo Theatre

This historic and now iconic venue has hosted some of the all-time greats and entertained locals and visitors alike for decades. First built in the 1930's, this unique amphitheatre began life as a cinema and still holds a 1932 pipe organ at the back. Its stage boards have been trodden by the likes of John Lennon and co., David Bowie, and Kylie Minogue, as well as a wide array of the world's top comedic acts. This venue is well worth a visit for the glittering array of acts that regularly perform here as well as the unique atmosphere provided by the retro styling of the location.

       2. The blue police box of Earl's Court

Admittedly this attraction doesn't hold an evening's worth of entertainment in store for visitors. However, it is still well worth a look if you are a fan of one-of-a-kind historical artefacts or the famous TV series Dr Who. The police box is found just outside the Earl's Court tube station and is the last of it's kind remaining in London. Fans of 'the doctor' will also be familiar with its alternate role as a time machine known as the TARDIS. If the police box doesn't hold your attention for the day, you can always pop down to the nearby Coleherne pub for a brew and take in the world's oldest gay club.

      3. Portobello Road: A heaven for foodies

Portobello Road in Notting Hill was once known primarily for its vivid and vivacious antique market, but over the years it has also gained a deserved reputation for great food from many different parts of the world. Here you can get everything from authentic Spanish paella to Greek delicacies and even freshly opened coconuts. On Saturdays, the whole street transforms into a trading mish-mash with stalls and pitches offering up craft pieces, fashion items, books and more. The pandemonium is increased and complemented by a variety of buskers and music players galore.

      4. The historical sights of Paddington

Paddington is home to many historical figures and sights, some real, some fictional and some that lie somewhere in between. On Praed Street, you can visit St Mary's hospital and take in the workspace of a true pioneer. Here Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in his laboratory and changed the face of medicine forever. On the way from the train to this important heritage site, you may trip over a traveller lately arrived from Peru. A bronze statue of none other than Paddington bear now sits on Platform 1 atop his small briefcase! Nearby on the same platform, you can find the statue of the Unknown Soldier, an imposing figure created to mark the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.

      5. Kensington Palace and the Natural history museum

Those looking to experience a little of the grandeur of England's monarchy will be well served by a visit to Kensington Palace. Aside from magnificent halls and beautifully maintained gardens, the palace is also home to a rich and deep history, including a role as the childhood home of Queen Victoria herself. If you want to experience a story that stretches even further back into the depths of time, the Natural History Museum on Cromwell road should satisfy your needs. A beautiful and ornate building in its own right, it is also home to a kaleidoscope of breath-taking fossils and artefacts, including a complete skeleton of the largest creature to ever live; the blue whale.


Seasonal events and festivals

Aside from year-round attractions, West London is also host to a number of vibrant events each season. The summer sees the beginning of imaginative offerings such as Hyde Park's Serpentine gallery, where world-renowned architects come together to create unique lounging spaces in the open air. Notting Hill Carnival is Europe's biggest street party and an unmissable celebration of West Indian culture.


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