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Our top hotels near Hyde Park

Hotels near Hyde Park


See a more tranquil, leafier side of London, with a hotel close to Hyde Park. This area has it all, with big name stores, culture, history and nature all just a short walk away.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and a fantastic place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and Kensington.

The Diana Memorial Fountain in the park is a tranquil space to remember the Princess of Wales, with cascading water streams and bridges that allow you to connect with the feature.

The Serpentine Boating Lake has plenty of pedalos and rowboats that you can rent to float along the calm waters, and there is also a lido area for swimming. There are plenty of food and drink options too, with the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen and the Lido Café close by if you don’t have time to grab anything near your Hyde Park hotel.

Serpents and Dinosaurs

Close to its namesake in Hyde Park, the Serpentine Galleries feature a renowned collection of art, architecture and design works. The Serpentine is a great place to see contemporary works by artists such as Damien Hirst and Louise Bourgeois and also hosts readings, film screenings, and other events.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is also nearby and well worth a visit for its amazing collection of decorative arts and design objects from around the world, dating from the Victorian period onwards. Don’t leave without having a drink in the tearooms there, with their gorgeous tiles, stained glass windows, and chandeliers.

Just next to the V&A is the Natural History Museum, home to around 80 million items, including fossils, plants, and a dinosaur skeleton that takes pride of place at the front of the main hall.


The areas around Hyde Park are a shopper’s paradise, with flagship, big name stores existing alongside smaller boutiques. Oxford Street has plenty of high street favourites, including Primark, Urban Outfitters, and Top Shop, that could easily fill a whole day of shopping.

To the south, there’s Knightsbridge, with its stylish, upmarket stores such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Harrods is one of the world’s most famous department stores, with a mouth-watering deli and floors dedicated to luxury designer goods by Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Stella McCartney and others. Kings and Queens shop here and it’s said that you can buy almost anything, from a diamond manicure to a luxury yacht. Stock up on your heart’s desires before recuperating back at your hotel near Hyde Park.

Marble Arch

At the northern end of Hyde Park sits Marble Arch, a decorative arch made from marble and a distinctive local landmark. Construction of the arch began in 1827 and it was originally designed as the state entrance to Buckingham Palace before being relocated to its current position. The arch has beautifully ornate carvings when viewed up close and there are other striking sculptures nearby that are changed on a regular basis. They’re definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area looking for cheap hotels close to Hyde Park hotels.