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5 Star Hotels in Liverpool

Recommended 5 Star Hotels in Liverpool

5 Star Hotels in Liverpool

England's Cultural Capital

The city of Liverpool is not just for football supporters or Beatles fans. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Liverpool is home to two magnificent cathedrals, numerous art galleries and an impressive array of museums.

Once a very bleak and rundown city, Liverpool has reinvented itself over the past decades. Gone are the derelict warehouses and tenement buildings that once typified -- the new Liverpool is a modern, vibrant and thriving metropolis that attracts tourists.

The popularity of the Beatles and the Merseybeat sound began the renaissance in the mid-60s and the success of local football team Liverpool FC in the 70s and 80s continued to add to the growing attraction of the city. The city centre and dock area has been totally renovated and attracts millions of visitors every year from all over England and abroad.

New and Old Liverpool

The people of Liverpool are proud of their 800-year-old history but also of the modern city. Liverpool boasts more Georgian houses than can be found in Bath and the greatest number of sculptures outside of Westminster. The Gothic style Anglican Cathedral is the fifth-largest cathedral in the world while the Metropolitan Cathedral is a recent newcomer only having been completed in 1967.

The city is now unrecognisable from its shabby former self. Office blocks, shopping centres, cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels now stand on what was once derelict ground with the West Tower (standing at 140 metres) pointing the way upwards for Liverpool.

Ferry Cross the Mersey

No trip to Liverpool would be complete without taking a trip on the Mersey ferry. There are a variety of short and long cruises available with the Daily River Explorer Cruise being one of the most popular. This 50-minute cruise takes in all the best views of Liverpool's stunning skyline and it is also possible to hop off at Seacombe and Woodside to visit the Spaceport and U-Boat Story attractions.

Hotels in Liverpool

We have a wide selection of 5 star hotels in Liverpool to choose from. Not a 5 star hotel but a 5 star barge, the Joker Boat is themed on the Joker character from the Batman series. Another themed hotel is the Yellow Sub of Beatles fame: a houseboat moored in the famous Albert Dock featuring Beatles gold discs and other memorabilia of the swinging sixties.

The Titanic Boat hotel features rooms that are inspired by the historical influences of the Stanley dock conservation area. It's five minutes from the city centre and has a fantastic restaurant, bar & grill and banqueting space.