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Kenya Hotels

You'll find stunning national parks, wonderful wildlife and pristine beaches in Kenya, one of Africa's prime safari destinations. Snow-capped mountains tower above wooded savannah and marine parks in a land that's home to big cats, red elephants, black rhino and pink flamingos. Visit historic sites in a country that's been called the cradle of civilisation such as the 16th-century Fort Jesus, Koobi Fora, a region that has yielded evidence of human settlement dating back hundreds of thousands of years and Gedi Ruins, the remains of a Swahili town dating back to medieval times. Enjoy watersports including white water rafting, diving and kite-surfing on Kenya's lakes and in the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a night out under the stars and visit the maze that is the ancient town of Lamu.

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Things to see and do

Getting close to some of Kenya's wildlife has to be top of anyone's itinerary and the reality won't disappoint. Go birdwatching at Lake Barango which holds the record for the most bird species seen in 24 hours. Go big game watching in Amboseli. See hippos at beautiful Tsavo West national park and get on petting terms with baby elephants at the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage. Take the Mount Kenya challenge and trek to the top of Kenya's highest peak. Walk or cycle unaccompanied across Hell's Gate National Park with its towering cliffs and deep gorges. Find out more about the history and culture of Kenya at attractions such as the Swahili House Museum, Kisimu Museum and Narok Museum where you learn about Masai culture. Surf in the lagoons of the Indian Ocean. Chill out on golden beaches or head to the bustling metropolis that is Nairobi.

Arts and culture

Explore rock paintings on Mfangano Island, thought to be by the island's earliest inhabitants, Bantu Pygmies. Sample Kenya's rich heritage at the Nairobi National Museum which includes an art gallery. Or, for more contemporary art, head to the GoDown Arts Centre in a converted warehouse in the capital's industrial area which has ten studios and brings together visual and performing arts. Or, depending on when you're thinking of coming to Kenya, catch festivals such as the Mombasa Carnival, the East African Arts Festival and the monthly music festival Blankets and Wine.

Try East Africa's vibrant musical scene in Nairobi at venues including the GoDown Arts Centre as well as the Klub House. Nairobi's best nightlife is found mostly in the suburbs. Try the Simba Saloon which has DJs most nights and live music most weekends, or the lively alfresco Simmers.

Eating out

Nairobi's dining scene is exciting and diverse, reflecting the rich mix of its population and culture. Thai Chi at the Sarova Stanley Hotel offers first-class Thai cuisine or Muhibbah where south-east Asian street food meets fine dining. And outside the capital there's the Tamarind Restaurant in old-town Mombasa and Madafoos serving African food like feta-coriander samosas on Diani Beach.