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Beautiful holiday villas

Are you dreaming of your very own spacious villa? We make your dreams come true and have the most beautiful villas on offer for you. In the Italian Tuscany, in Croatia or on Mallorca you can rent your private villa and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. A holiday villa offers you and your family the privacy and tranquillity you are looking for in your time away. Children can romp around undisturbed and explore the often extensive grounds, while adult holidaymakers particularly love the spacious, usually luxurious furnishings.

A villa in the mountain or beach villa with a sea view?

Do you prefer to spend your free time in the country rather than on the beach? Then rent a villa in the countryside - for you and your little ones. Let yourself be enchanted by the mountain panorama and discover the surroundings on hikes: when you stretch out in the evening in your own villa with pool, you won't want to go home again.

By the sea, in the valley or in the mountains: rent your villa at the now, benefit from our sensationally cheap offers and treat yourself to a stay in your own dream home.