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Is a Bed & Breakfast better than a hotel?

A Bed & Breakfast offers a good alternative to a regular hotel: a private atmosphere and a nice location at a good price.

Bed & breakfast accommodation is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers as it offers them a unique opportunity for an authentic stay. In the following sections you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about your stay in a Bed & Breakfast.

If you are looking for a way to have a flexible holiday and plan to stay in several places, a Bed & Breakfast is the right choice for you. You are not bound to any fixed times as far as eating is concerned and can plan your daily routine. If necessary, the operators of the guesthouse can also give you a few insider tips. This type of accommodation offers obvious advantages: As the bed & breakfasts are offered by people from the region, you come into direct contact with the mentality and culture of the locals and you are offered the unique opportunity to experience the destination first-hand. This makes your holiday very authentic and true to life.

What are the main characteristics of a Bed & Breakfast?
Only overnight accommodation with a usually hot breakfast is offered, hence the name Bed & Breakfast. Bed & Breakfasts are often quiet but centrally located, while prices are lower than in hotels.

As with hotels, there are also star categories for bed & breakfasts. There is a price difference of about 3 to 5 euros per person between the categories, and the average price varies from 32 to 38 euros, but this also depends on the season. You can usually check in between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., unless you have made other arrangements with the owner of the guest house.

More than 97% of bed & breakfasts offer rooms with a private bathroom. If your room is offered without a private bathroom, it is usually not a star-rated bed & breakfast.

Where can you find bed & breakfasts?
This type of accommodation originated in the UK, but you can now find bed and breakfasts almost everywhere in the world. In Italy, France, Germany and many other countries, even outside Europe.