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Greece Hotels

Sunshine, spectacular and varied countryside, miles of golden beaches and more historic monuments and museums than you could shake a stick at, Greece has it all. Add pretty traditional whitewashed villages tumbling down to turquoise waters, great food and some of the best nightlife in Europe, and you begin to see why millions of people have been beating a path here for so long.

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Things to see and do

The Acropolis in Athens, one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, is only the most famous of historic attractions to be found across mainland Greece and its many islands. Others include the theatre at Epidaurus, built to seat 15,000, and Knossos, centre of the ancient Minoan civilisation. Or visit Delphi, home of the sacred Oracle, Mycenae, one of the most important Greek cities and home of Agamemnon with its fortified walls and terraced palace, and the medieval city of Mystras. How much of this you want to see will, in part, influence where you head to. There are 60 inhabited Greek islands off the coast, some closer to Turkey than Greece. You can either opt to hop around by ferry, though this can involve some lengthy ferry journeys, or base yourself in one spot and limit your exploration, it's up to you. But Greece is not all about the past. As well as miles of pristine sandy beaches, perfect for swimming, diving and a whole range of watersports, its interior is often dramatic with towering mountains, deep gorges and pine forests, ideal for hiking or biking. And while some chose to head to some of the more remote destinations such as Ikaria, Syros or Alonissos, many prefer to head to islands or destinations with plenty of nightlife such as Corfu, Crete or, Mykonos, party capital of all the Greek islands, offering the best clubbing east of Ibiza.

Arts and culture

Greece is home to many stunning museums. The Acropolis Museum tops any list but a top five could include the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the Heraklion Museum in Crete and the Athens National Archaeological Museum. Or time your visit to take in one of the many festivals such as the International Film Festival in Thessalonika or the Hellenic Festival at various locations.