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Georgia Hotels

Georgia is a land on the edge of Europe, between Russia and Turkey, and is over 80% mountainous. It is of course a cheap destination for hotels and holidays for the adventurous, but you will also fall in love with its cities. Tbilisi and its colourful houses with picturesque architecture, Koutaïssi and its cathedral and many monasteries, some of which are troglodytic. Georgia is still preserved from the crowds, find your hotel in Georgia today!

Our top hotel offers in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
Hotel S&L
4 nights from£195pp
Tbilisi, Georgia
Pullman Tbilisi Axis Towers
3 nights from£464pp
Batumi, Georgia
JRW Welmond Hotel & Casino Batumi
3 nights from£433pp
Tbilisi, Georgia
Iliani Hotel
2 nights from£100pp
Sairme, Georgia
Sairme Resort
2 nights from£396pp
Sairme, Georgia
New Sairme
2 nights from£245pp
Tbilisi, Georgia
Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze
3 nights from£258pp
Tbilisi, Georgia
Hotel Costé
2 nights from£115pp
Tbilisi, Georgia
Hotel ZP Palace
2 nights from£86pp

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