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Dive right into the heart of Forden by booking a stay at one of our top-rated hotels. Forden, a captivating charm nestled in the middle of Wales, offers an array of superb accommodation options that reflect the history and rustic beauty of the region. From the elegant boutique hotels to cozy family-run lodgings, there's something for every traveler's comfort and budget.

Resting in the day's end cosiness, the exquisite beauty of Forden's nature will grace your window views. Indulge in the local cuisine, savouring mouthwatering Welsh dishes at a nearby pub or restaurant. Plan a trek through the sublime countryside landscapes, discovering the vibrant local flora and fauna. For history buffs, the ancient sites promise mystic and informative voyages back in time. Or perhaps, a relaxing boat ride on the River Severn might suit your mood, providing the loveliest of sunsets as a backdrop. Come, immerse yourself in the magnetic allure of Forden.

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Welshpool, United Kingdom

The Railway Inn

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