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Discover the enchanting charm of Champigné, a quaint haven tucked away in France's picturesque Anjou region. Boasting rich history, stunning architecture and a flourishing wine culture, it delivers an exquisite holiday experience. Unravel the fascinating treasures that this quintessential French town has to offer by lodging at some of our top-rated hotels. Each one is selected to ensure comfort, enchanting ambiance, top-notch service, and formidable culinary delights that the Anjou region is renowned for. From enjoying a relaxing riverside picnic at the Mayenne River to teeing off at the Golf de la Perriere whether you're a devoted golfer or not, sumptuous wine tasting at renowned vineyards, or exploring the region's impressive castles and museums - Champigné leaves its visitors spellbound. Immerse in the serenity, enjoy the gastronomy, soak in the beauty, relax in the comfort of our prescreened hotels, and create your own unforgettable tales. With so much to offer, Champigné promises a memorable stay beyond compare. Delve into our exciting array of the very Hotels in Champigné to find your perfect sojourn, and begin your story of discovery and delight.

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Champigné, France

Château des Briottières

Champigné, France

Anjou Golf et Country club

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