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Brazil Hotels

Choose to stay in the largest South American country with and you will not be disappointed. Brazil hotels and holidays offer you a huge range of activities in this fun and exciting country.

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Beach resorts can be a great way to stay in Brazil, and often have all-inclusive deals that make it easy to enjoy the climate from your hotel without ever leaving. Beach resorts mean ocean views and delicious cocktails just a short walk to the sea. Of course, if you want to venture out of the complex, that’s easy to do too and many of the beach resorts can be a really great base for your Brazilian adventure. Alter do Chao is a less typical beach resort, but it was named by The Guardian as the best in Brazil. This resort sits on a river rather than the sea and is nestled within the breathe-taking Amazon rain forest. For the more typical beach you can visit Arpoador. Located in Rio de Janeiro, this piece of coast has everything you would expect from a Brazilian beach. At the top of the beach you will find a rocky headline with a short climb to view some stunning surroundings from up high.


See the Brazilian country by venturing into its tropical belly. The Amazon River runs through much of the country, so if you feel like seeing one of nature’s most impressive sights then investigate the closest expedition to your Brazil hotel. The river isn’t the only spectacle in the rural Brazil. In fact you will find plenty of outdoor sights to visit. Iguazu Falls are just on the border of Argentina. These gorgeous water features look like a prehistoric world, with palm trees hanging over the steamy lakes that the water is pouring into. The falls are enormously popular with photographers, and for good reason. If you feel like taking a visit then be sure to pack your camera and a waterproof.


For a real taste of Brazilian culture there is nowhere quite like Rio de Janeiro. The city is full of places to stay, ranging from hostels for the student traveller to lavish city hotels if you’re looking to treat yourself. During the world-famous carnival the city attracts two million people per day on to the streets, and almost half a million of those will be foreign travellers like you. The festival lasts four days and inhabits every corner of the gorgeous city. Looking over Rio is, of course, the famed statue of Christ the Redeemer. Visit the statue and view one of the world’s most iconic sights. Once again this makes for some fantastic snaps to take home to your loved ones.