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Belgium Hotels

Belgium is one of the most unusual destinations you can choose with and offers some really unique getaways. Like the UK, Belgium is a kingdom, which means there are a variety of impressive old buildings across the country with plenty of history to investigate. On your trip you’ll find all three of the country’s national languages are used heavily so if you speak Dutch, French or German you’re in for a real treat.

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Popular destinations in Belgium

Areas to stay

Brussels is the country’s most popular city, and you’ll find a whole range of traditional Belgian hotels within the city and surrounding it. For something slightly less mainstream you might want to try Antwerp. Antwerp still enjoys a well-regarded reputation. However, it is a little less mainstream and contains a few more authentic Belgium hotels than Brussels does. Again, like the UK, the Belgian countryside is very green, and you’ll see quickly that there are a variety of hotels and independent villas for rent throughout, if you want to be close to walks in the impressive natural surroundings.

Places to see

If you choose to stay around Brussels then Grand Place square is a must-see. Within the city there are plenty of famous sights and tours to take you around. The Manneken Pis is a famous tourist attraction featuring an unusual twist on this water fountain. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts can be a great way to spend the day and pick up a little Belgian culture on the way. In Antwerp you’ll find the impressive Cathedral of Our Lady. This large gothic building attracts visitors from all over and provides a great chance for a few photos. The city is built around a network of rivers so you won’t be short of places to go for an evening stroll and take in the interesting surroundings.

Traditional Belgian food and drink

The multicultural nature of Belgium means that the food and drink has all kinds of interesting twists and turns. Traditionally you’ll find a combination of French and German cooking in most places but, of course, there are specials that the Belgian people have made completely their own. Moules Frites is the classic Belgian dish and almost everywhere you go you’ll find a great selection of mussels to sample. Of course Belgian beer is famous too, and the Trappist Monk beers are regarded as some of the world’s best. There are only ten breweries in the world which can boast Trappist beer, and within Belgium the Chimay monastery is one of the finest.